How to Obtain Student Loans in France as an International Student

France is a wonderful place to be as it is located in Europe. People who study in France can afford to go into other European countries without so much stress.

Another reason why so many people love France as a study destination is because of their official language. Learning French as an international language would give you an edge on the international job market scene as more organizations are looking to hire bi-lingual employees.

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What are Student Loans?

Student Loans were  created as a form of financial aid for students willing to pursue an education in French universities.

Many individuals have benefited from this loan scheme over the years. This is because there are special provisions made for different members of society asides exceptional students.

Members of the European union also enjoy privileges while studying in France. Although France is very welcoming, there are no specified loan schemes for international students except for banks.

Student Loans in France

As at now, there are more scholarship and grant options open to international students, but there are few student loans subject to the bank’s discretion.

Most times students are permitted to work part-time whilst studying as long as it doesn’t affect their overall performance.


However, Some banks might be able to offer loans to students depending on their credit score and financial status.

Documents you need to Apply For Student Loans?

  • Admission letter
  • Loan application form
  • Passport  photographs
  • Academic documents (certificates and Transcripts and language test result)
  • Statements of accounts  (for the past one or two years)
  • A copy of your passport

Is there a Maximum Amount?

Usually, the amount you are entitled to receive as a loan is subject to your socio-economic background, living expenses and tuition fees.

When do I Repay Student Loans?

Repaying students loans would be subject to the bank’s rates and their specified return period. It is more difficult to predict since there are rare occurrences of international students needing loans as the work during their free schedules instead.


France is one of the few places with good international student relationships, you can use that to your advantage by sourcing for grants, scholarships or work options before approaching the bank. Also, make sure to inform your school students affairs division of your intention for proper advice.


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