YouTube NextUp Contest 2018 for Video Content Creators

Applications are open for the YouTube NextUp Contest 2018 for Video Content Creators in the Phillipines. The YouTube NextUp Contest 2018 is a skill-based contest where video content creators are given the opportunity to take their channel to the next level.


YouTube NextUp Contest

NextUp has helped hundreds of creators, including a few who have become some of YouTube’s brightest stars. Confirmed winners learn to create better videos, get more subscribers and take their channel to the next level with the YouTube NextUp contest. Winners also get access to a weeklong Creator Camp at YouTube Spaces and other awesome prizes.




The prize is composed of the Program Components, a Grant, and if applicable, transportation and accommodations.

Program Components

Each Confirmed Winner agrees to participate in, and comply with, all of the following program components:

  • Attend one (1) five-day NextUp Creator Camp in Manila in September 2018, but subject to change at Sponsor’s discretion
  • Attend scheduled live video chats with Sponsor or its designees, as required by Sponsor to discuss any applicable Program elements. Details/timing to be communicated to Confirmed Winners via e-mail. Failure to participate in all Video Chats may result in disqualification, at Sponsor’s sole discretion
  • Timely complete and upload all video assignments by the deadlines specified by Sponsor. Video Assignments must comply with all format and size requirements as well as the Video Assignment Guidelines as provided to Confirmed Winners
  • Timely provide all required documents and additional information as may be reasonably requested by Sponsor or its designees including, but not limited to, signing a release statement that confirms ownership of all intellectual property rights in all content on Confirmed Winner’s Channel and the Video Assignments, and signing an agreement to visit Manila


A Confirmed Winner will receive a grant if and only if all Program Components requirements set forth above are timely completed and fully complied with to Sponsor’s satisfaction. The grant consists of the following:

  • One (1) production kit with a retail value of one thousand dollars (US $1,000) which will be provided on or before the end of all Program Components. Note: only one grant will be provided per team.

Transportation And Accommodation

Only for each “out-of-town” Confirmed Winner, Sponsor will pay one (1) round-trip economy-class plane ticket up to US$800 in value to and from Creator’s place of residence and the designated Creator Camp location, including the price of 1 checked bag, except for Teams of two (2) individuals, which will receive two (2) such tickets. Each “out-of-town” Confirmed Winner can decline to receive the round-trip plane ticket but if declined, Sponsor will not offer any substitute or alternate compensation.

Additionally, each “out-of-town” Confirmed Winner will receive up to six (6) nights in a shared hotel room with another “out-of-town” Confirmed Winner (same gender only) throughout the duration of the five (5) day Creator Camp. “Out-of-town” is defined as a Confirmed Winner who lives more than a 50 mile-radius or if normal commute time (via car or mass transportation during off-peak hours) exceeds 1 hour from the location of the Sponsor assigned YouTube Space facility of the Creator Camp. The Confirmed Winner must provide Sponsor proof of its address dated within 30 days of acceptance of the Prize to confirm eligibility for transportation and hotel.

YouTube NextUp Contest Eligibility

  • You must be an individual legal resident of the Phillipines;
  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Be a content creator who uploads videos to your own channel, which channel has monetization enabled as well as between 10,000 and 100,000 subscribers as of the date of entry;
  • Not a be a person or entity under U.S export controls or sanctions or prohibited from entering under and other applicable laws;
  • Have access to a webcam;
  • Be available to participate in all program components if you are chosen as a confirmed winner;
  • Have a YouTube account in good standing, including but not limited to, being in full compliance with the Term of Use with no copyright strikes against your account;
  • Have uploaded at least three videos to you channel in the 90 days immediately preceding the date of your entry.

YouTube NextUp Contest Application

You are required to submit Your YouTube Channel URL and complete three (3) short essays: one essay about why You entered the Contest and what makes your Channel stand out, a second essay about how You plan to take your Channel to the next level over the next year, and a third essay about areas of improvement (e.g. production skills, content strategy, business development) you will work on if selected as a Confirmed Winner to participate in the Creator Camp weeklong workshop.

Each of Your Essays must be in English and be no more than two hundred (200) words in length. If an Essay is longer than 200 words, only the first 200 words will be considered.

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For more information, visit YouTube NextUp Contest.


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