AERC Collaborative PhD Fellowship Programme in Economics 2020

Applications are open for the AERC Collaborative PhD Fellowship Programme in Economics 2020 for African Students


AERC Collaborative PhD Fellowship Programme in Economics

Launched in 2002, the Collaborative PhD Programme (CPP) in Economics’ primary aim is to strengthen teaching and research capacity in sub-Saharan African countries, to increase the pool of potential researchers and policy analysts, and to gradually build-up and retain African scholars in Africa, leading to an increase in capacity across the continent. CPP aims to increase output of professionals conversant with – and specialists in – African issues, leading to the possible emergence of various theories and African solutions to these problems. CPP integrates theory, tools and African applications into academic teaching, ensuring that theory is firmly grounded on the empirical side.

AERC Collaborative PhD Fellowship Programme in Economics Eligibility

To qualify, candidates must:

  • Have applied and been admitted to any one of the listed CPP degree-awarding universities;
  • Have attained at Bachelor’s Degree level at least a Second Class Honours (Upper Division) or equivalent in Economics or related field from an accredited university;
  • Have a Masters Degree (with coursework and thesis component) in Economics, Agricultural Economics or related fields from a recognized University. The coursework should have covered microeconomics, macroeconomics and quantitative methods;
  • Female and applicants from post-conflict and fragile states are encouraged to apply.
  • Possession of at least 1 relevant publication in a refereed journal will be an added advantage.
  • Evidence of engagement in economic management, research and/or training in the public sector will be an added advantage.

Host Degree-Awarding Universities
These are the universities that have been assigned the responsibility of teaching courses in core fields and administering comprehensive examinations to all students admitted into the programme. There is one host degree-awarding university per region. They are:

  • University of Cape Town, Southern Africa
  • University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (Eastern Africa)
  • University of Ibadan, Nigeria (Anglophone, Western Africa)
  • University of Yaoundé II, Cameroon (Francophone Africa)

Non-Host Degree-awarding universities (DAUs)
These are the additional universities that upon admitting students, send them to the regional host universities to take core courses and thereafter to a central facility – the Joint Facility for Electives (JFE) – to take elective courses, organize the supervision and production of student PhD theses and award the degrees to successful students. The major difference between host and non-host DAUs is that the former teach core courses and conduct comprehensive examinations, while the latter do not. All eight DAUs award PhD degrees to students who will fulfill the agreed requirements. They are:

  • University of Witwatersrand, Southern Africa)
  • University of Nairobi, Kenya (Eastern Africa)
  • University of Benin, Nigeria (Western Africa)
  • Université Félix Houphouët-Boigny, Cote D’Ivoire (Francophone Africa)

Duration of Award: 4 years

How to Apply for AERC Collaborative PhD Fellowship Programme in Economics

Upon receipt of an admission letter from the specific university, candidates should submit the following  to our training division at [email protected]

  • Application for scholarship
  •  A copy of the admission letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Certified copies of academic certificates and transcripts

For more information, visit the AERC Collaborative PhD Fellowship Programme in Economics.

Important Notes: Candidates should note that all admitting universities submit a list of all admitted candidates to AERC. Where candidates have applied for admission and they have not received their admission letters by the date of the deadline for PhD fellowship application, AERC will use the list from the universities to inform those admitted into CPP to submit copies of their curriculum vitae, certified copies of their academic certificates and transcripts.

Application Deadline: 31st July 2020

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