Artist in Residence ZERODATE (AIRZ) Residency Program 2018 (Fully funded)

Applications for the Artist in Residence ZERODATE (AIRZ) Residency Program 2018 is now open. With the initiation of “Artist In Family”, the ZERODATE Art Project will invite two overseas artists. During the one-month stay with a local household, the artists will research the local area, create artwork, and present these results through an exhibition or event.

Artist in Residence ZERODATE (AIRZ) Residency Program

One artist selected by a residency curator will be traveling from Edinburgh, Scotland, while the second artist will be selected from the international open call being held by the ZERODATE Art Project. Participants will begin a new work or research while in Japan and present the finished work or one part of a work-in-progress at the Artist Talk event and final presentation: exhibition format. The Residency period is from October 1 -30, 2018.


The Artist in Residence ZERODATE (AIRZ) program aims to expand as a base for international cultural exchange by directly connecting Odate City’s cultural and artistic practices with those of overseas regions. Through its activities involving the local culture and arts, the ZERODATE Art Project has succeeded in building a network among citizens, artists, companies, groups and institutions, as well as government administration. Yet in mind of the potential for diversity and sense of co-existence brought by overseas artists, ZERODATE hopes to initiate exchange between local artists and overseas AIR group for its upcoming activities and large-scale projects.


Cost and Benefits

Support towards artists will include:

  • Flight to Japan, travel within Japan
  • Accommodation, workspace
  • Per-diem (186,000 JPY) Total of daily expenses from October 1 – 30
  • Production costs (Maximum 60,000 JPY)
  • Research costs (Maximum 60,000 JPY)
  • Coordination/interpretation support (Event translation, consultation)
  • Opportunity to presentation research/work at the end of residency
  • Opportunities to interact with Japanese artists and community at a local level

Artist in Residence ZERODATE (AIRZ) Residency Program Eligibility

  • Applicants must reside outside of Japan and be a citizen of a country other than Japan;
  • Be able to speak either English or Japanese at a conversational level;
  • Be in good health for intensive travel;
  • Have access to the equipment necessary to participate in a remote interview (i.e. a computer capable of connecting to the internet and using Skype)

Other Qualifications

  • Able to participate in the program starting from October 1 and ending on October 30, 2018 (Please note that it will not be acceptable for participants to arrive after the start date)
  • Able to make a presentation or performance for the artist talk
  • Experience in carrying out art projects and collaborating with local communities
  • Demonstrated high quality of artwork or artist activity and experience participating in residencies and large-scale projects
  • In addition to independent artwork production, experience planning art events, etc
  • Able to submit a reflective writing piece of approximately 1500 words in English by October 30th, 2018 as part of the program
  • All the receipts of items purchased toward art production and research should be submitted to the coordinator by October 28, 2018. In return for the receipts, participants will be reimbursed for production and research costs (max 60,000 JPY each).

How to Apply for Artist in Residence ZERODATE (AIRZ) Residency Program

All of the following documents and information must be submitted by the deadline:

  • Application form in Word or PDF
  • Recent CV
  • Portfolio (at least 5 images, video, audio, essay or web links as relevant)
  • Reference letter (recommendation from curator, professor, director or prominent artist)
  • Reference materials describing the research/artwork to be created as part of this program. It is preferable that applicants submit documents which make it possible to understand plans for the research/artwork in detail
  • Proof of age and citizenship (e.g. a photocopy of your passport)
  • Website from which representative works can be viewed or other reference materials about previous works

To complete the application process, please send the above materials via email attachments not bigger than 5MB to: [email protected]

For more information, visit AIRZ Residency Program.


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