Top 15 Vocational Skills & Training to Acquire in Ghana

Are you thinking of learning a craft, or acquiring a vocational skill in the coming year 2024? You’re at the right place, as we’ll be sharing with you the top 15 vocational skills and training that you can acquire in Ghana in the year 2024.


Vocational skills simply refer to skills and occupations that you gain toward becoming knowledgeable in a specific trade or profession. As an aspiring entrepreneur, acquiring one or two vocational skills is very vital in your journey to entrepreneurship.

Most successful business owners and entrepreneurs in Ghana today started by acquiring a vocational skill or training that is in high demand in society. You too can be successful if you learn and master a skill.

Furthermore, acquiring one or two vocational skill in Ghana will make you more employable among the millions of Ghanaian workers and graduates that are currently unemployed. This post is all about the top 15 vocational skills and training that are worth acquiring in Ghana in the year 2024.


1. Fashion Design

Fashion Design is one of the top-paying vocational skill in Ghana today. If you’re a good fashion designer, you’ll be able to create stunning end products with fabrics and garments.

The fashion world is one of the most profitable in Ghana. Due to clamour for beauty and design from top models and celebrities, the job of a fashion designer is financially rewarding.

2. Hair Styling (Unisex)

Hairstyling used to be synonymous with female folk, but guys are becoming more interested in styling their hair. Hairstylists are an important part of the beauty industry, as they are responsible for cutting and styling clients’ hair.

They are highly skilled in their ability to handle hair, and also have extensive knowledge of the appropriate products for different hair types. In Ghana today, hair-stylist are very much in demand everywhere you go.

3. Photography

One of the most financially rewarding vocational skill that you can learn is photography. To become a successful photographer, you’ll need to learn the art and act of photography.  You must also have a good touch of photo and video editing.

With more people celebrating different events like wedding, birthday, graduation etc, you’re surely going to make a lot of money y helping keep a memory of their events. You can read our guide on how to start a photography business.

4. Catering

Food is a necessity for all living beings. Enrolling in a catering school will surely help you to earn a living while meeting peoples need. One interesting thing about catering is that anyone can do it both male and female.

As a caterer, you can offer catering services for every kind of events such as weddings, graduations, burials, dedications etc. Furthermore, you can set up a restaurant in a good location and make a living with your culinary skill

5. Home Cleaning

Believe me, not everyone knows how to clean a home. If you have a good janitorial skill, you can make a living cleaning homes and office spaces. This skill is even more relevant in the city centre where people could actually afford your services.

The skills required to become a professional home cleaner are simple and basic skills that we all pick up in our homes when we were growing up. The only thing to do to distinguish yourself is to be as professional as possible and get the right cleaning equipment to make your life easier.

6. Makeup Artistry

Makeup artistry is a type of vocational skill that brings out the cosmetic “best” in people making them more beautiful and attractive to the eyes. According to Forbes magazine, the beauty industry has labelled makeup artistry as a goldmine for self-made women.

The business of makeup artistry is actually booming in Ghana today. The need for makeup artists may be seasonal and occasional (majorly on weekends) but it’s a booming profession for very skillful artists.

Providing your services to wedding ceremonies and beauty salons will allow you to quickly create a clientele. Whether you attend formal classes, watch makeup videos on YouTube or choose to partake in on-the-job training, acquire unique skills that further expand your knowledge so that your makeup artist business will make money.

7. Electrical Repairs

One of the skills that can fetch you a good income is electrical repair skills. You can specialize in repairing household electrical appliances.

Although electrical repair skills require some sort of formal training, others can enrol for apprenticeship training to master the art.

8. Mobile Phone Repairs

The smartphone market is expanding rapidly in the country. You can tap into this market by learning how to repair phones. Most people who cannot afford a new phone will rather prefer to repair their phone.

Learning this skill will definitely put a lot of money in your pocket. However, you must be good at what you do to earn very well. Additionally, you can sell phone accessories along with your phone repair business.

9. Event Planning

Every weekend, hundreds of thousands of Ghanaians are attending one event to another, from weddings to child dedication, to house warming or burials. Event planning is a type of vocational skill that involves a lot of management and supervision. Being an event planner is both a rewarding job and rated to be one of the most stressful in the world. A good event planner needs to know a bit of everything, from catering to baking to managing resources and personnel.

As an event planner, you’ll need to work with other professionals such as caterers, photographers, decorators, DJs, etc.

10. Interior Design

Interior design is a very lucrative vocational skill if you’re exceptional at your work. As an interior designer, you’re saddled with the responsibility of taking care or designing the interiors of a building so as to offer satisfaction to the users of such building. An interior designer is tasked with researching, designing, and implementation of various designs on a building.

Although not quite popular worldwide, the services of an interior designer is needed in many Ghana and guess what, they’re paid well.

11. Carpentry

Carpentry is one of the top vocational skills in the world. You specialize in woodwork as a carpenter. Almost every home needs furniture, and every building needs a roof. As a carpenter, you can specialize in furniture making or roofing.

12. Welding and Fabrication

Another top vocational skill that pays is welding which goes evenly with fabrication. If you haven’t considered this skill, you should start now, you can learn this skill without formal education as a requirement.

Once you’ve acquired this skill, you could start earning straight away because the market isn’t saturated with welders. All construction companies certainly will need the services of a professional welder.

13. Plumbing

Another top paying vocational skill that you can learn today in Ghana is plumbing. With the recent boom in real estate, the services of plumbers are on the increase. Plumbers are needed in the planting of pipes in buildings for several purposes like the flow of water, gas, drainage or other chemicals.

14. Painting

Just as the name implies, painting has to do with color and beautification. As a painter, you’ll have to know colour like you know your fingers, what combination gives you what, using multiple colours in a building or a single colour, what type of paint would be suited for the job, and also how to reduce waste.

15. Tiling

Tiling is one of the most lucrative vocational skill that you can learn this year. To an outsider, it might sound simple, however, in the real sense, you need to master the art and act of tiling to make money. You need different types of tiles, where to use them, and how to lay tiles perfectly well.


Every one of us needs a professional job, however, the importance of vocational education in our society and economy cannot be overemphasized. The more the numbers of vocationally skilled entrepreneurs the more money there is to be made and kept within the economy.

The times needed to complete a vocational training may range between 6 to 36 months as compared to traditional four-year university education. Pick a vocational skill today and get trained.

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