How to Start Computer Accessories Business in Ghana

Starting computer supplies, parts, and accessories business is an excellent entrepreneurial opportunity for you to become your own boss. The computer accessories business is one of the businesses that offers a good return on investment.

The business simply involves buying computer accessories in bulk and selling them to customers who are in need of such items. Although this business is capital intensive, it offers an opportunity to make money while meeting the need of your customers.

Also, with the world getting digitalized, the need for computer and laptop accessories is in always in demand. In this article, you’ll learn what it takes to start a computer accessory business in Ghana.



What is a Computer Accessory

Before you get started, you need to understand what a computer accessory is. A computer accessory can be said to be any device added to a computer that performs an additional capability or feature but is not required. For example, the computer printer which gives the computer the ability to print. However, in the absence of a printer, a computer would still work.

Computer Accessories

Below is a list of computer accessories. However, this list is not exhaustive.

  • Flash drive
  • Gamepad
  • Hard drive
  • Hard disk
  • Headphone amplifier
  • Headphones
  • Joystick
  • Microphone
  • MIDI keyboard
  • Mouse pad
  • Mouse
  • Printer
  • Projector
  • Remote
  • Scanner
  • Speakers
  • Surge protector
  • Webcam
  • Wrist rest etc.

Cost of Starting Computer Accessories Business in Ghana

Before venturing into any business, you need to first of all count the cost. Once the cost has been ascertained, you can start sourcing for funds to start your business.

As earlier mentioned, the computer accessory business is capital intensive. To set up a computer accessory shop, you will need a minimum capital of GH₵50,000 for operations to begin. With time, you can scale up and expand your business.

How to Start Computer Accessories Business in Ghana

Once you have understood the cost, the next step is to start your computer accessories business. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get started with your computer accessories business in Ghana.

1. Write a Business Plan

Every business must have a plan. Your business plan contains everything that will guide you through your business journey. With a good business plan, there should be detailed market analyses, competitors, market size, and feasibility research. A well-written business plan can also be used to access funding for your business.

You can also reach out to other computer accessory businesses and check their mode of operation and how they set out their outlet and serve their customers.

2. Register Your Business

Once you’ve crafted your computer accessories business plan, you need to proceed to register your business. To get started, read our guide on how to register your business in Ghana. This will help you get approved by the appropriate authorities. Additionally, having a legal business entity can help you secure funding for your business.

3. Secure a Location

The best place to set up a computer accessory shop is in an area with high human activities. You don’t want to secure a shop in an isolated place where people rarely pass through. The essence of getting a shop in a strategic location is visibility.

4. Market Your Computer Accessory Business

With everything in place, you need to create awareness among your potential customers. You can start by creating marketing materials like banners, flyers, and posters. You also need to set up a social media profile for online visibility.


With everything in place, you’re ready to scale your business and turn it into a profitable venture. Also, endeavour to invest in customer service to increase customer retention for your business.

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