How To Start A Digital Photography Business In Ghana

Maybe you have been looking for a good business to venture into, then you should consider the digital photography business. In this guide, we’ll be showing the step by step guide on how to start a digital photography business in Ghana.

The photography business is a very lucrative but competitive business in Ghana. As unemployment continues to rise, many young people are turning into the art of photography.

Digital photography studios are popping up in various parts of Accra, Kumasi, and Ghana as a whole. Most of these photo studios are owned by young men and women who have found good business in one of the most lucrative industry. Gone are the days when photography was reserved for people who are not learned.

Today’s generation of photographers are urbane and educated, mostly with university degrees, and some have undergone some form of training either offline or online.

So, in this guide, we’ll show you how to set up your own digital photography business in any part of Ghana. But before we go fully into the details, let’s understand some certain things first.


What is Digital Photography

Digital photography is the art of using electronic and computing devices to capture, create, edit and share digital images/photographs without the use of films. It is mainly used as a means to create, publish or use photographs on computers.

As a digital photographer, you should be able to carve a niche for yourself. This is what sets you apart from every other photographer. To become a successful owner of a photography business, you’ll need to take breathtaking images. You also need to have some business acumen. That is you must have a target population, your budget, and your marketing strategies. A good business plan will help solve some of these problems.

Choose A Photography Niche

The photography industry is getting competitive, one of the things to do to stand out is to choose a niche. This makes it quite easier for you to find a target audience for your business. It also helps you with promotions and marketing. They are different photography niche, below are some selected few.

Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer, you specialize in taking wedding shots. You need to be creative with your images. You are expected to compose intimate, unique shots throughout the wedding event. In Ghana, this type of photographers is in high demand.

Event Photography

Just like wedding photography, an event photographer is responsible for capturing noteworthy moments at a particular event. It can be birthday parties, festivals, graduation ceremonies, dedications or retirement celebrations. As an event photographer, you must be able to capture both still and moving images with superb clarity.

Sports Photography

Sports photographer specializes in taking pictures in sporting events. You attend games, matches and take photos of players in action and the surrounding environment. In most cases, sports photographers work for sport media houses. You must also be able to take both still and moving images with superb clarity.

Fashion Photography

This categories of photographers are in high demand due to the breakthrough in the fashion industry. A fashion photographer is responsible for capturing images that flatter designer trends and show clothing in a unique way. In most cases, they are used in advertisements, fashion magazines and other outlets that display upcoming events.

Landscape Photography

These are nature photographers. They specialize in capturing images of environments whether they be remote natural spaces or more developed ones. Landscape photographers usually travel extensively to depict the beauty of many places. Their works are in high demand especially online.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography deals with capturing of portrait images of people of interest. They are responsible for taking photos that highlight the facial features and expressions of a person or group of persons.

Food Photography

Food images are in high demand, especially for food bloggers. These photographers are responsible for taking superb images of foods for different magazines, blogs or other establishments in the food industry.

Importantly, as a photographer, you aren’t limited to a singular niche. However, it is important to establish yourself as an expert in a particular area in order to build your brand. Just because you are specialize in wedding photography doesn’t mean you can’t take other projects.

Equipment Needed To Start A Digital Photography Business in Ghana

The success of your photography business has a lot to do with your equipment. For beginners, you’ll need to get the best equipment that you can afford. Below are some of the equipment that you’ll need to start your photography business in Ghana.

Professional Camera


1. Digital Camera

The is the most important piece of equipment that you need for your business. There is no photography without a camera. You need to get a good camera that fits your photography style and works best for your niche.

2. Prime Lens

You also need to get a very good lens for your camera. The camera lens determines the quality of your photo. When buying a lens, two things you should consider are; focal length and aperture.

3. A Computer and Editing Software

You need to get a good laptop or desktop as the case may be for your business. You’ll also need good editing software to produce high-quality photos. They are many editing software, but the most popular ones are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

4. Camera Tripod

A tripod is a three-legged frame used to keep your camera stable and can be used in a variety of photography styles.

5. Memory Cards

You also need to have memory cards for storage of photos. Although most digital cameras come with storage space, it’s wise to have a few backup memory cards.

6. Cleaning Kits

You also need to get cleaning kits to always keep your equipment clean. This will ensure you have a crystal-clear picture. It also helps your equipment last longer.

Other equipment includes light stand, external flash, camera bags, printer, extra batteries, backdrops, a source of power etc.

How To Start A Digital Photography Business In Ghana

With the right equipment in place, it is safe to say you can now proceed with your plan of setting up your photography business. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to start a digital photography business in Ghana.

Photo Studio


1. Learn How to Shoot

You can’t start a photography business without knowing how to shoot. When it comes to this business, it’s important to get the required experience before venturing into it. You need to show your prospective clients that you have what it takes to give them a superb photo.

There are many ways of getting the required photography experience. The best and most effective way is by working alongside a professional photographer. You can also learn the art of photography by taking online photography courses. You can learn shooting, editing and so on. Other resources which you can get to learn are Youtube, e-books, seminars etc.

2. Secure a Location

You need to get a good location for your business. A photo studio is best located at accessible places and preferably in urban areas. If you are staying in Accra, Kumasi, Cape Coast, Tamale etc, you should secure a place where your client can easily locate your studio. Accessibility is a major advantage for your business.

3. Register Your Business

With everything now in place, it is wise to register your business with the Registrar General. According to the Registrar General Department’s website, fees for limited liability companies attract a charge of GH$175, a company limited by guarantee is GH$155, while commencement of operations attracts 0.5% of stated capital.

On the other hand, a business name registered by a sole proprietorship attracts a charge of GH$35, partnerships are expected to pay GH$75, subsidiaries GH$35, while external companies are expected to pay $1000 or its cedi equivalent. Look at our comprehensive guide on how to register a business in Ghana for more information.

4. Promote Your Business

After everything said and done, you need to promote your business to the right audience. You can do this by sharing business cards, offering a promo and other marketing strategies. This problem can be solved with a good business plan.

it is very important to have a workable plan on how to you are going to succeed in your photography business. However, this plan will change over time as you become more experienced and learn more.

5. Build Your Client Relationships

You need to start building lasting client relationships. Finding the first few clients to work with is always a challenge.

However, as you get more clients contracting you, you need to build and grow that relationship. One thing that will always bring a client back is the quality of your photos. You need to deliver a perfect job and good finishing. Do this and see your photography business grow exponentially.

How to Make Money as a Photographer in Ghana

How To Make Money As A Photography

The aim of every business is to make a profit. Now, with all your expenses in place, you need to start making money off your business. So, you have to first determine how much to charge for your photos.

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Decide your pricing structure. Are you charging per hour or per photo? However, your answer depends on the specific service that you’re providing. For example, wedding photographers usually charge by the hour while portrait photographers might charge per photo. If a client needs a photo session, you also need to understand the pricing.

Other factors that go into pricing your services might include:

  • Number of locations during a photo shoot
  • Outfit changes
  • Printing packages

These factors should be put into considerations when developing a pricing plan. You might also take a look at the pricing structures of competitors in your locality to determine what customers are willing to pay. The goal is to make sure your pricing appeals to potential customers and gives you a profit.

Photography Pricing Package in Ghana

In Ghana, coverage for wedding receptions can reach as high as GH¢10,000 and as low as GH¢1,500, depending on the package clients choose.

In Accra, photographers charge as much as GH¢10,000 for coverage of both a traditional and civil wedding for a golden package.

A silver package for traditional marriage (engagement) cost about GH¢2,200 and GH¢3,800 for a wedding only. This means you can charge about GH¢6,000 if couple want both.

A bronze package goes for GH¢1,200 for traditional marriage only; and GH¢2,300 for a wedding only.

The major factor in the price difference is the time of coverage, the number of pictures that will be printed, and the number of photographers that’ll be used for the coverage.


In conclusion, getting your business up and running is the most difficult part of owning a digital photography business in Ghana. First, you must decide your niche, will you have a photo studio or not, how will you market your business, how much will you charge for your services. With all these sorted out beforehand, you can start up a successful digital photography business in Ghana.

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