SHS Re-Opening Date for 2022/2023 Academic Year

The Senior High School (SHS) 1, 2 and 3 re-opening and vacation date earlier for the 2022/2023 academic year has been announced.

Management of the Ghana Education Service (GES), wishes to inform staff, parents, students, and the general public that SHS academic calendar for the 2022/2023 academic year has been released.

SHS Re-Opening and Vacation Date 2022/2023

According to the new 2023 academic calendar, Form 3 and 2 students in Senior High Schools (SHSs) will reopen the school on Tuesday, 10th January 2023.


Additionally, Heads of SHS are to as a matter of urgency communicate to all parents about the designated tracks for their wards to enable them plan accordingly.


  1. When are the form one gold track going back to school
    Also the way the track is going it doesnt promote our academic performace at all

  2. When are the Form one gold track students coming back to school? Because I have been hearing some rumours they’ll go on 18th June, 2021.

  3. Why the minister of education said gold student to stay in the house please Nana say something why gold student are we not part of the school we are going we will not vote any free education again

  4. Please there are some rumors going about that form two gold will be going with the form one on 10th March 2021, please is it true??

  5. Pls and pls again mr president we the gold truck students are beging wai, we need to go to school and something ehh pls

  6. Ah, the form2 gold track didn’t learn anything so how come the green track and the form3 will be going to school and we will still stay at home. Meanwhile the form3 just returned from school. We have to stop schooling because the government is slowing down our life .


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