TOP 20 Short Courses With High Salary

An important part of an adult’s life is in figuring out what to do. Sometimes one is faced with questions such as “I do not have a degree how then can I earn enough money to take care of myself and family” or maybe it might be the question of “what to do as a side gig to earn more money”. It might interest you to know that the path to this has many routes like it is said there is no one path to success.

Factors such as time constraints also sometimes hinder one from achieving some of the things you set out to do. But with this article, the focus would be on courses which is time friendly and resource-friendly, and also has high remuneration in terms of salary some of such courses include:



Professional IT certifications are non-degree awards given to those who have achieved qualifications specified by a certifying authority. Qualifications may include completing a course of study and achieving a specified grade on an examination.

The exam helps ascertain that the holder of the certificate is technically qualified to hold certain types of positions within the field. Example of such certifications include cisco certified network associate (CCNA) which enables one to work as a system/network administrator, CompTIA A+ which allows one to work as a desktop support technician, help desk technician, and in-home support specialist.

Certified information systems security professional (CISSP), Microsoft certified systems engineer (MCSE). It usually takes about 3 month to complete these courses and certificates earned last up to 3 years with an option for renewal due to the constant change in the IT world


This is a skill one can learn either while taking internship jobs or by going to a vocational school. You don’t only have to learn this skill, but you’ll also be taught how to meet and gain insight into the plumbing industry.

In modern times hands on skills are revered especially when one is able to add a modern touch in both domestic and industrial plumbing. Some might even take it further by charging per hour for each service rendered.

It takes less than 2 years to become a certified plumber either at a vocational school or under apprenticeship. The beauty of this is at the end of the training you just need self-development as you advance in your career.


With the onset of Internet and its worldwide applications which has created jobs for a lot of individuals, a major disadvantage is that internet users are exposed to fraudulent activities and hence the importance of cybersecurity.

Experts in cybersecurity have become increasingly in demand, but to become an expert in cybersecurity requires a combination of qualifications and experience.

There are a large number of courses and training options for studying cybersecurity ranging from paid courses to free online course sites where one can learn from including UdemyHeimdal security amongst others.

Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineers are responsible for assessing the existing infrastructure of a business and researching for moving their different functions to a cloud-based system.

As a cloud engineer, you require technical abilities to perform the migration as well as to ensure that the data is secure. Usually, it takes two years post bachelor’s degree to become a certified cloud engineer and one is required to have a knowledge of programming languages such as java, angular JS, C++, and python.

Resources are also available online to learn cloud engineering especially for those in Africa as it is a relatively new field with high demand.


Electricians are trained to work on building assessment, connectivity, heating and should be able to perform electrical repairs and maintenance.

To become an electrician, one must either undergo training via an apprenticeship or enroll in a vocational institute. This skill will never be obsolete as new buildings always spring up.

People need the services of electricians in order to make electricity and electrical appliances in their building work properly. The amount charged for services rendered varies depending on the electrician and as such, they have control over their wages.

Website Designing

Website designing involves planning and building electronic files that determine the layout, structure, content, graphics, and use of interactive features that deliver pages to site visitors.

The work of a professional web designer is to bring both visibility and credibility to an online brand.

The increase in demand for business owners to have an online presence has made website designing a more lucrative job even in recent times. What’s more, we are in the digital age, learning to build a website can be done without even leaving the comfort of your room.

Auto Repair

An auto repairer is also known as a mechanic. An auto repairer is equipped with knowledge and skills to adequately diagnose and repair automobiles.

Specialized auto-mechanics even are a step further by being expert in a specific car type which translates to more service charges on the customers. They also provide maintenance plans for car owners on a weekly or monthly basis. Most auto repairers charge either per hour or at a fixed price.

Dressmaking and Design

The dressmaking and design industry continues to evolve over the decade. Anyone with a passion and talent in dressmaking has what it takes to survive and become the most sort after within the dressmaking industry.

One can learn to design, sew and build skills to turn your fashion ideas into beautiful and polished pieces designed for the runway.

Fitness Trainer

A fitness trainer is one who is certified to have knowledge of general fitness. They are generally involved in exercise prescription and instruction.

They help to motivate clients and also provide feedback to them as regards their physical fitness. Fitness trainers also own gyms where individuals or a group of individuals can come for their physical fitness regime.

Fitness trainers earn a lot of money from making people in their environment physically fit. Sometimes they also offer services to celebrities who want to keep in shape as well.

Language Interpreters

The world at large is in dire need of people who are bilingual, multilingual etc.

Taking up a language class within your community can be an added advantage. With your language interpreting skills, you can explore careers ranging from diplomatic relations up to being a tour guide or interpreter for foreign nationals who would love to explore your community.

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A chef is one who has mastered culinary skills such that they are able to create eye-catching and savory meals. Chefs are at the heartbeat of good restaurants.

They also render personal services to people who might want to try out a bit of their cuisine. A chef usually can be taught in a culinary school or it might be passed down to one through his/her parents. It takes sometimes 6months or a year to master the art of cooking and proper meal presentation.

Digital Marketing

The internet has made it important for one with a business to have an online presence. But with the advent of online presence leads to the creation of awareness and creating attention around one’s brand.

That’s where a digital marketer comes in. A digital marketer is equipped with skills that are targeted at creating awareness around one’s brand.

It is a new field especially in Africa and one can even be on their part to becoming a digital marketer via enrolling for the google online free digital marketing course.


Photography is the art of capturing moments. These moments captured as images are meant to stay for years.

The photography world has evolved and changed so much that most times with a 6 month course, lots of self development and the right equipment one can begin a career in photography.

More importantly, you are totally in control of your working hours and service charge. But remember the more creative and sophisticated your work is the higher you can charge.

Make-Up Artist

This field has always been in existence but the world started paying attention to this field in the early 2000s. The services of a makeup artist are needed most in this part of the world.

The reasons being that we have a lot of functions like graduation, wedding, dedication among others to attend.

The make-up artist would forever be in demand as events occur all year round. Once one is able to demonstrate innovation and clean beautiful work people would always be happy to give a referral which is good for business.

Content Creation

Websites need a daily/monthly post centered around ideas or areas of interest both within the company and in their society.

A content creator helps to shape the company’s narrative through writing around areas that would interest their target audience. Whilst website designing just helps to create the platform in which a company tells their stories, the content creator is able to engage the audience in such a way that they keep coming back for more.

Usually digital marketers create strategies around what content creators come up with. Hence high importance is placed on one who understands the act of writing brand-specific content.

Online resources are available on Google, Udemy, Youtube on how to become a skilled content writer.

Graphic Design

This is the process of visual communication and problem solving through the use of an appropriate illustration.

Graphic designers create and combine symbols, images and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages. Graphic design can be used in corporate design (logos and branding), editorial design for magazines, newspapers and books, advertising and product packaging.

Constant self-development is highly important to remain at the top of your game within this field.

Event Management

A survey once showed that the event industry is expected to have a growth rate of about 10.3% by 2026.

The event management segment has also improved significantly especially in this part of the world, as people no longer go through the pain of planning their weddings and other ceremonies by themselves.

They usually outsource planning of the events to highly skilled and competent event managers. The beauty of this is one can be an event manager and still have control over their time.

This is so because most events usually occur on weekends. The event manager charges per event and negotiations are made as subject to the events manager’s discretion.

Social Media Analyst

The job of a social media analyst is to boost the online presence of a company. They do this by integrating social media, search engine optimization techniques and blogging into a brand’s identity.

Their major goals are to increase both the amount of online traffic and brand exposure through various social media outlets. This growing field requires individuals with strong online communication and business analytical skills.

Haircare Services

They specialise in cutting or styling hair in order to improve or maintain a person’s image. Although they are known locally as hairdressers.

Most haircare service providers are usually licensed as a hairdresser, barber or a cosmetologist. A degree isn’t required for this but one must demonstrate how good they are in this field. This is achieved by constantly improving and being current with the latest hairstyles.


A stylist is a consultant who selects clothing for editorial features, advert campaigns, music videos, concert performances and any public appearance made by celebrities, models or other public figures.

Stylists usually work hand in hand with fashion designers, photographers, hairstylists and make -up artists to make sure that the public figure is always appealing to the eyes of the public.

If you are a lover of fashion and love to dress people up for fun then a career as a stylist would not be a bad option as you would be paid for doing what you know how to best.


In conclusion, although most of these courses or professions have a short duration for the learning process, it is important to be creative and innovative so as to stay on top of your game.

As long as one is able to remain dynamic and is open to change, you would be able to make money all year round furthermore your customers would always be satisfied with your work.

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