5 Reasons Why You Should Study Veterinary Medicine

If you ask most children who were brought up around pets what their future career prospects would likely be, a large percentage would tell you they would love to be veterinarians when they grow up.

Veterinary medicine is a field which many animal lovers tend to explore as a career option especially if they are passionate about animal healthcare and ways to improve the life expectancy of animals around us.

This is an excellent path provided you are willing to put in the work and effort required of you in becoming a renowned doctor in your field. I would be sharing with you some of the reasons why veterinary medicine is a good fit for you in the long run.



What is Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary medicine deals with the treatment and prevention of disease, illness, and disorders in animals. People who work in this field are often referred to as veterinarians or veterinary doctors.

Most veterinarians dedicate their career to promoting animal welfare, educating animal owners how to care adequately for their pets, care for animals of different species or work in agricultural agencies to ensure food safety practices and adequate maintenance of environments where animals are kept.

How Can I Become A Veterinary Doctor

Just like any other career paths, there are specific procedures you must follow to becoming a veterinary doctor. This starts having good grades in the sciences while in secondary school after which you can proceed to any university of your choice for a degree in veterinary medicine also known as Doctor of veterinary medicine.

While in school it is a great idea to get familiar with work ethics by volunteering either in your school clinic or veterinary establishments located in your area.  with this, you can get more practical knowledge and experience which is considered vital in your career.

Now although with a bachelors degree you would be accredited by the council of veterinary medicine in your country to practice, you may need to undergo postgraduate training for knowledge in your desired area. Most graduate programs are usually intensive comprising of course work, lab work and internships within a duration lesser than you were required for your bachelor’s degree.

Entry Requirement for Universities in Ghana

Applicants looking to secure a position to study in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) Programme should have;

  • Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSSCE) or West Africa Secondary School Certificate (WASSCE) with good grades in the sciences, mathematics and English
  • Have a bachelor’s degree or diploma in Biological and Allied Science or Animal Science for consideration into 200 level

5 Reasons Why You Should Study Veterinary Medicine

Now that you are familiar with the steps required of you in becoming a veterinarian, here are some reasons further encourage you on why you are making a great career choice.

1) Its Your Passion

Ever heard of the saying if you do what you love then you will never work for a day in your life. well, this is very true, you are turning your passion into a career which focuses on animal health, welfare and care leading to a healthier ecosystem both for the animals and human beings.

2) Your Work is not Rigid

Many people in other professions complain about the routine work with lack of exciting moments. That is not the case for most veterinarians, you get to explore working with animals of different species either in the wild, farmyard or at its owner’s place. Depending on what animal it is you are sure every day would come with different needs which allows brainstorming or thinking outside the box to solve a problem.


3) Flexible Work Hours and Independence

Many times your work schedule does not follow a typical 9-5 work pattern, you may work shifts subject to rotations depending on the clinic you work for or you may even enjoy your independence by working at your convenience if you take the route of consulting for people, agricultural organisations and companies that deals with animals or their products.

4) Great Earning Potential

Veterinary medicine is one of the animal careers that offer great pay owing to the number of years required of you to be considered a professional.

Veterinarians earn a salary range between 2510 GHS and 6790 GHS per month. Those with additional speciality training or board certifications can earn even higher salaries while working in higher roles.

5) More Options For Work

The years of training in school to become a veterinary doctor equips you with transferable skills which can be used within any corporate organisation. Your analytical skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills and ability to work under pressure are attributes many employers want in their employees little wonder why we have many veterinarians who have successful careers in finance, marketing or other areas in the corporate world.



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