How to Obtain Student Loans in China as an International Student

China has become a popular study destination for international students due to a large number of factors.

Some people would love to explore the Chinese culture which can be achieved when you study there. From the great wall of china to the beautiful gardens and landscape, there are lots of after school activities to involve yourself in while studying.

Also, Chinese universities have been carrying out excellent research in the last few years which makes them one of the top universities to study in the world. So you should not worry about your certificate being recognised internationally.


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What are Student Loans?

Student Loans are special kind of loans which are created as a form of financial aid for students willing to pursue an education in Chinese universities.

This type of aid has been very useful especially for bright students with challenges of insufficient funds for tuition or probably need more financing to cover other expenses.

Although there is an option of loans for Chinese nationals there are also very few loans available to international students studying either at the Undergraduate or Postgraduate level in Chinese universities.

Student Loans in China

As at now, getting student loans for international students is quite rare, this is because there are lots of scholarships and financial aids for citizens and international students.

Most times some universities offer teaching/research positions with support stipends for international students throughout their program.


However, there might be a few banks who would offer student loan options to international students. Inquiries can also be made at the student’s affairs unit of your school for further assistance.

Requirements to Apply For Student Loans?

  • Admission letter from your university
  • Application form
  • Passport  photographs
  • Academic documents (certificates and Transcripts)
  • Statements of accounts  (not more than 2 years)
  • A copy of your passport

Is there a Maximum Amount?

Although no maximum amount is specified, different banks would have their different maximum amount. I would advise you to go for the one which meets your financial need.

When do I Repay Student Loans?

Most people are required to pay within 0-5 years however it might be subject to the bank you apply to.


There are a lot of scholarship options available for international students in China. You should spend time exploring these options as they sometimes give stipends which would cover your basic expenses such as groceries, accommodation e.t.c



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