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National Service Scheme, NSS Posting 2022/2023 – How to Check National Service Posting Status  – posting.nss.gov.gh

National Service Posting

nss.gov.gh posting:  The National Service Scheme (NSS) wishes to inform the general public especially applicants that applied for National Service 2022/2023, that they can now check the National Service Posting Online following the below procedures.

The Management of the National Service Scheme (NSS) has today, June 9, 2021, released postings of a total of Ten Thousand and Seventy-One (10,075) Nurses and Midwives to undertake their mandatory service at the various approved health facilities across the country for the 2022/2023 service year.

HOW TO CHECK NATIONAL SERVICE POSTING – portal.nss.gov.gh/check-posting


To Check your National Service Posting Status, follow the leads below to access the list;

All prospective personnel are to begin registration today June 9, 2022, and complete it all at their respective regional offices by June 30, 2022.

Please note that the service year will commence on July 1, 2022.

Kindly note that there exists a backlog of Three Hundred and Forty-Six (346) Nurses and Midwives yet to be posted due to their inability to complete registration on time. The affected persons failed to present one of the accepted national IDs (Ghana Card, Passport, SSNIT, New Voter’s ID) during the registration process. Such personnel have already been requested to complete their registration for deployment.

Management wishes to emphasize that it will not encourage change of postings; and therefore, urges all service personnel posted to accept their placements and consider it as part of their contributions towards the socio-economic development of the nation.

Congrats to all successfully posted candidates.

Note: If you get the message ‘Your NSS Number may be incorrect or you have not been posted yet. Please kindly check it and try again’ when checking your NSS Posting, don’t panic, just check it back again another time because your posting will be updated soon.

2021 NSS Posting Statistics:

The breakdown of the assignment of personnel to the various regions are as follows:

33,798 service persons had been posted to user agencies in the Greater Accra Region, while the Ashanti Region had 15,135 service persons.


The Northern Region followed with 7,604, with the Eastern, Central and Western regions settling on 6,105; 5,430 and 4,989, respectively.

The Bono, Volta and Upper East regions had 2,787; 2,423 and 1,995, respectively, while Upper West, Western North and Bono East had 1,648; 1,482 and 1,482 service persons, respectively.

The Ahafo Region had 1,051, while the Oti, Savannah and North East regions had 285; 146 and 118, respectively.

For more information and inquiries, you can contact the National Service Scheme (NSS) by visiting the official website via http://nss.gov.gh or [email protected], +233-302-772714, +233-302-772714, 6 Patrice Lumumba Road, Airport Residential Area, Accra.


  1. Please I have not received my national service posting yet, all my colleagues have. Am still on awaiting posting. The name is Freda Engmann.
    Please help me with mine

  2. Please good morning. I’m yebfaa Catherine. I and my husband got married last month. He worked at Lawra while I was posted Daffima Busei Isha district. I am kindly asking you to report me to Lawra to take care of my husband and my son. My NSS NUMBER IS NSSGCC9227221. Thank you

  3. Please I have a problem with my enrolment status,it is still on-hold identity mismatch.What should I do please,my pincode is CBUGDM3702721 and the NSS ID NSS4609121 TELL NO> 0244277716

  4. Please my name is Sulemana F Nantomah my NSS pin code is DVAGEN6586921. Am told my user name is incorrect, what should i do?

    • Go to NSS in your region. It will be sorted out for you but make sure you have a copy of your registration form, passport pic, student id, and other national id cards for verification.

  5. Please this is Nantomah Asana .I was suppose to register my nss 2020/2021 and due to network problem at my place I couldn’t register.I need your help in this 2021/2022 nss to register.my index number is CD/DBE/17/1915.my date of birth is 28/02/1995.NantomahAsana.

  6. Please, I am in Ashanti region and I have been in nss office twice for the validation but they told me to go and come next year.

  7. Please I’m Priscilla I have been posted to ahafo ano south mofa and I’m finding it difficult to locate the place can u please help me out

  8. Pls I have not received my posting yet . pls help me out.
    My NSS ID: NSSGEW8354420 And Tel number: 0204401851

    • My name is Daniel Appiah I have not been posted yet please this is NSS number:NSSGMP5207221 and my phone number
      Thank You

  9. Pls my name is Queenstabel Owusu Joyce.and I have not received any posting message yet.my pin is NSSGEW4328920.my tel. No 0546560418.pls all my colleagues have received their own.so help me.

  10. Pls my name is Queenstabel Owusu Joyce and I have not yet received my posting.my pin is NSSGEW4328920.my tel.no is 0546560418.

  11. Please I’m Queenstabel Owusu Joyce.l have not received my posting yet.my pin number is NSSGEW4328920.my tel. No is 0546560418.All my colleagues have received their posting.Pls help me.

  12. Please this is Richard Rockson Eshun. Please I haven’t received my nss posting yet. My nss number is GATGCC4695320. Please help me out. Thank you

  13. The service is done irrespective of type of sponsorship the individual may have received or the country in which the tertiary course was pursued in. The personnel upon posting to an establishment is subject to the rules and regulations that govern it. In case where the establishment’s rules conflict with that of the NSS, the latter’s is used. Again, graduates who are sponsored by certain institutions to offer tertiary programmes return to those institutions. All benefits that the service personnel is entitled to shall be frozen till the personnel complete their service.

  14. Hi good morning….
    Pls I haven’t been posted yet. They’ve written awaiting posting on my dashboard.
    This is my NSS number NSSGPS8637618
    Name: Florence Tandoh

  15. Am Theresa,from kumasi,I hav being to ur office at Accra last two weeks for reactivation of pin code but whn I send it there ,dey told mi dey ar working on it but it seems dey have not done it yet .Pls help us ,the reactivation people bcos we want to do de service.thanks mi old pin code is RTEGPR3702819.

  16. Pls,my name is JANYI KWAKU MOSES when ever l check for
    my posting and told record not found but l had a message that l have been posted to a School.my Nss number NSSGPR7941419.pls,help me.




  18. Please am Ali Dannug Francis, I tried to print out my appointment letter yesterday but the information given to me was that incorrect old pass word but they sent my a new pass word but still its not going through. My PIN number is TCTGPR7263219 , NSS NUMBER is NSSGPR7882319 and the new password sent to me on my phone is 96ad1214a0. Now I don’t know what to do now please I want to print out my appointment letter.

  19. please, i am called rahinatu adam i have not receive my posting yet.please i need your help,contcted persons number 0249819326

  20. Please I’ve not received my posting message yet and I’m Osumanu Mohammed. I don’t know what to do. Please help me out. This is my NSS number NSSGPR6118719

  21. I have checked on my posting but it only displayed no records found. I chose Central, Eastern and Greater Accra region as regions presumed to be posted to.my NSS NUMBER IS NSSGCC8877319.

  22. Am PROMISE KPOKU still awaiting posting but I have being reading on the internet always about the 2019/2020 national service posting is out. What will I do have my posting please?? 0241028921

  23. we are newly train teachers and we have registered for NSS posting and this is our pin number NSSGTG6495518 / NSSGTG6495018. please we want to be posted to Offinso municipality precisely a town called ANYINASUSO

  24. please this is our pin number is NSSGTG6495518 / NSSGTG6495018 we want to be posted to OFFINSO municipality in Ashanti Region precisely a town called ANYINASUSO please.

  25. Please(NSSGDM5991718) was posted to minerals commission head office Accra, when I went for the registration, they told me the place is occupied so unless they repost me to one of their branches which is in Asin Fosu in the central region. I was given a letter which I submitted at the NSS head office in Accra and the woman in charge stamp it and ask me to go because they will work on it. people who met me during the submission of the letters received their reposting but mine has not come. please I want to know why it’s so because the time is also going. I hope my problem will be rectified. thank you.

  26. Please ,can you reconsider my posting to some of the known schools in the Ashaiman Municipalitty for esasy identification and also aid me assess my posting ontime.thanks.

  27. I went to the Ashaiman Municipal Education office today and they told me there is no school like that on their directorate.

  28. Please help me locate the school that I have been posted to.The name of the school is Blue Oak Community School – Head Office AshaimanMunicipality.Iam not getting the location of the school and when I google,it shows that it is a foreign school located in Napa Califonia and othercountries.my number is NSSGPR9833118

    • We can’t get the address of the school as well, but we suggest you continue to make enquiries about the school.


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