Top 10 Most Marketable Courses to Study in Ghana 2024

It’s the desire of both students and parents for their children to study a course with a good career prospect. Ghanaian universities offer an invariable number of courses for one to choose from.

As much as every course on offer has its own importance, some are more marketable and have a lot of career prospects. Due to the present economic situation, it’s important to determine the marketability of any course before applying to study it.

You might ask, What is the marketability of a course? The marketability of a course is defined by the chances of getting a job quickly and easily after studying the course. These courses don’t just guarantee you a job, but a job that pays really well.

You should also know that, due to the career prospects of these courses, there is stiff competition among students to study them. In this article, you’ll learn about the 10 most marketable courses in Ghana.



Top 10 Most Marketable Courses in Ghana

Importantly, studying these courses mentioned below does not in any way guarantee your immediate success. It’s a good way to start because of the many opportunities they offer. Success can only be achieved with hard work and dedication.


Medicine is the most popular course in Ghana. In our world today, the human race can’t go on without falling sick at one point in their lifetime or in need of medical assistance and with the outbreak of diseases and pandemics, the medical professionals are always in want. This makes medicine one of the most in-demand courses at the university.

In fact, it’s the dream of every parent for their ward to become a doctor in Ghana. For this reason, medicine has remained the most marketable course to study in Ghanaian universities. Also, there is a general belief that graduates of medicine get jobs as a medical doctor with ease.

Furthermore, medical doctors also rank as one of the best-paid professionals in Ghana. Considering all these, you see why Ghanaian parents want their parents to study medicine at the university.

Nursing and Midwifery

Nursing is also one of the most marketable courses to study in Ghana. There are so many opportunities for nurses and midwives both at home and abroad. In the medical sector, nurses are in high demand, but only very few are qualified to fill these spaces.

Interestingly, nurses are also in high demand in foreign countries as well. A reason why so many nurses and medical personnel are migrating out of the country. Although a fresh graduate might not earn so much, you can be sure of a job and can also boost a career by doing professional courses in other sub-specialties of nursing.

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum is one of the driving forces of the Ghanaian economy today. Also, workers in the oil and gas sectors are among the best paid in the world. A reason why most students want to study chemical and petroleum engineering. There is a huge competition but the pay is rewarding once you scale through the application process.

Students who wish to work in the oil and gas sector should read, how to get a job in an oil and gas sector without any experience.

Computer Engineering and Information Technology

The world is getting digitalized and in high need of IT experts. This makes computer science, computer engineering and IT-related courses among the most marketable courses to study in Ghana.

All over the world, IT professionals and computer science graduates are in hot demand. With special IT skills, you stand a chance of landing a job with a huge financial benefit. The downside is that anybody can learn IT skills.

Civil Engineering and Built Environment

With a lot of constructions popping up across the country, the demand for experts in civil engineering, architecture, surveying, estate management is in demand. A degree in any of these courses gives you an edge in the construction and building sector of the economy.


Accounting is one of the most marketable courses to study in a Ghanaian university. Positions for accountants are needed in every sector of the Ghanaian economy. Sectors where Accountants can work, include government agencies, companies, hotels, banks, schools, airports, etc.

You can enrol to become a chartered accountant in Ghana. There are other professional courses and certifications that make accounting degrees even more marketable. Write a professional course and get registered with a professional body to increase your chances as an accountant.


Pharmacy is another marketable course in the medical field. It’s a very competitive course, and also one of the most difficult courses to study at the university. Pharmacists are trained to formulate medicines, study how medicines work, and their interaction with the body. A graduate of pharmacy can work in any pharmaceutical company, hospital, or medical facility. Such can also work for government establishments. You can also establish your own pharmaceutical company.


Geology is one of the most marketable courses but not very popular. However, it’s the toast of the mining and oil and gas sector. Graduates of geology are many sorts after in the oil and gas industry. They are mostly needed in the upstream sector for drilling and exploration of crude oil and natural gas.


Agriculture is one of the most underrated courses to study but it is also one of the most lucrative courses to study at the university. Everyone needs food and it’s the duty of agriculturists to meet this demand.

The business of producing something that people will always need is a sure way to gain income and make it big. There are various occupations in agriculture some of which are; fish farming, soil scientist, farm manager, agricultural consultant and so on.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Engineering courses are among the most marketable in Ghana. Engineering courses such as Mechanical, Electrical are generally in demand in almost every sector of the Ghanaian economy. There is also high competition for students looking to get admission into these courses.

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