3 Ways to Make Money Online with Jumia Ghana

Jumia is one of the biggest online store in Ghana and Africa at large. As a shopper, you can as well make money on Jumia at the comfort of your home. In this post, you’ll learn three ways to make money with Jumia.

To make money online with Jumia Ghana, all you need is yourself, a computer and a very good internet connection. With all this, you can start making money online while you relax on your sofa.


Making money with Juma doesn’t matter whether you work in a corporate organisation or you’re into business, a little extra cash won’t be bad.


However, before we go into the full details on how to make money with Jumia, I think it’s best to understand what Jumia stands for.

As earlier mentioned, Jumia is one of the largest retail online stores in Africa. The company was launched in 2012 with just 12 members. The e-commerce store has a presence in many countries on the continent.


How to Make Money with Jumia

Let’s get straight to the business of money-making. Below are the 3 ways you can easily make money with Jumia.

1. Selling Imported Products on Jumia

You can make money on Jumia by selling imported products. If you’re into mini importation business, Jumia could be a big platform to make sales. To make money with this method is very simple.

All you have to do is to import products from abroad mostly from China at a very cheap price and sell them high in Ghana. However, you need to venture into fast selling products for quick sells.

Importantly, you don’t necessarily need hundreds of thousands to start importation business in Ghana. You can start with little amount and make the most profits out of it in a short while.

The best part is, you don’t need to pay money to sell the products on Jumia. It’s absolutely free to own a Jumia seller account. With this, you don’t need to pay for advertisement. All the adverts are done by Jumia themselves.

Importantly, to make sales on Jumia quickly, you need to have as many products as possible. With this, you can hardly go a day without making sales.

To get started with selling imported products on Jumia, you need to create a seller account on Jumia Ghana.

2. Making money with Jumia Affiliate Program

Another effective way of making money online with Jumia is the Jumia affiliate program. This program is unique in the sense that, you need to promote Jumia products with your unique affiliate links.

However, you need to register as an affiliate and Jumia pays you up to 11 per cent commission on any product you promote. Interestingly, you can sell products on Jumia and at the same time promote the products as an affiliate to make an extra commission.

With this, you can make more money while selling your products and at the same time, Jumia rewards you for promoting your products.

3. Become an Independent Sales Consultant

You can also make money on Jumia by signing up to become a sales consultant. By becoming a sales consultant, you make commission selling items supplied by Jumia. You don’t need any capital to start. In fact, you earn money even shopping for yourself, friends and families on Jumia.

The more Jumia products that you sell, the more money you make. However, to become a sales consultant with Jumia Ghana, you’ll be required to register, create your own team (a network of other sales consultants and then start selling Jumia products and make money doing so.

To register, send a personal statement about yourself and why you believe you can be a successful independent sales consultant with Jumia to [email protected]

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