KNUST School Fees Payment Portal –

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Technology, KNUST School Fees Payment Portal has been enabled for returning students of the University –

KNUST School Fees Payment Portal


The management of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Technology (KNUST) has enabled its students payment portal for payment of fees. The  student self-service payment portal is to aid the student in carrying out academic fees payment online –

KNUST payment options are available for MasterCard, Visa, MTN Mobile Money, tigo Cash, Airtel Money and Vodafone Cash.

Returning students can also pay fees with moblie money, using their debit card through KNUST AIM.


Before you proceed with your academic fees payment, it is important to know KNUST school fees schedule for the academic year.


KNUST School Fees Payment Portal

Returning students of KNUST can use the link below for their academic fees payment.


How to Pay Fees Using KNUST AIM.

Before a student can pay academic fees using this platform, you must first of all download the app from the Google playstore.


  1. hello! I am abijuru felicite from Rwanda,i am applied for mustercard scholars at KNUST firstly we have applied for undergraduate admission then after I would like to ask if also for us there is an fees for admission at KNUST. thanks

    • hello! am Abijuru felicite from Rwanda, i am trying to apply in mastercard at KNUST2018/2019 and we are allowed firsly to ask for admission i would like to ask you if we are also involved to get the admission by paying.


      • Hello Felicite, before you can apply for Mastercard Scholarship Program, you must first be admitted to study at KNUST. Thereafter, you can send in your application.

        • thank you! but I would like to ask if to be admitted at KNUST require an amount to pay,sorry I didn’t get the information before and I have tried to apply for undergraduate admission before applying in mastercard and there is the form I got for admission at KNUST but now after getting information of payment I was asking my self if there is same things missed or if I can say that realy am admitted am still in dillema.


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