How To Change Your GOtv Ghana Packages


Are you’re a GOtv subscriber and you want to know how to change your GoTV Ghana packages, then you are at the right place. In this guide, we’ll show you how to upgrade or downgrade your GoTV package.

GOtv is a subsidiary of Multichoice communication in Africa which provides pay-per-view digital satellite for active subscribers. GoTV is currently available in Nigeria, Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, and Zambia.

In fact, it is one of the most popular pay-TV platforms in Africa. It is also the home of African Entertainment television and they are committed to providing family entertainment to all of her subscribers all over the African continent.

GOtv is currently the fastest growing pay TV in Ghana and this is as a result of the affordability of the subscription packages available as well as the easy installation.

GoTv Ghana Packages

A GOtv decoder gives a subscriber a choice between 4 packages;

  • GOtv Max which has 50 active TV channels and a monthly subscription of GHS 65.
  • GOtv Plus which has a total of 44 active TV channels and 2 radio stations with a monthly subscription of GHS 40.
  • GOtv Value which has a total of 30 active TV channels and 2 radio stations with a monthly subscription of GHS20.
  • GOtv Lite which has a total of 23 active TV Channels and 2 radio stations with a monthly subscription of GHS10.

So, if you have interest in migrating from one GoTV subscription plan to another, we have provided you with a step by step guide involved in migrating successfully. This method also applies if you want to downgrade your subscription package as well.

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How to Change Your GoTV Package (Upgrade or Downgrade)

Go to the GoTV self-service page and log in using your phone number or surname and your IUC number.

Then follow the link on your dashboard where you will be asked to pay the amount of money that you need for the package you want to pay.

Another way is to wait for your subscription to expire then contact the closest GoTV office and request for an upgrade or downgrade as the case may be.

If you can’t wait for your subscription to expire, you can visit the GoTV office close to you and request for an immediate change of subscription.

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GOtv Ghana Contact Details

You can also contact GoTV Ghana online through any of these platforms for more information:

GoTV Ghana CustomerTel: +233 302 740 540

Fax: 0302768667

GOtv Ghana Website:

GOtv Facebook Account: Follow us on Facebook

GOtv Contact Address: No. 8, Basko Lane, Ablenkpe, PMB CCC29 Accra, Ghana.

GOtv Short code: 4688

USSD : *759#

Multichoice Ghana opening hours: Monday – Friday: 7am-8pm, Saturday: 9am-4.30pm, Sunday: 10am-4.30pm

So that’s it, you can change to any GoTV subscription package that you want by using your phone or visiting any GOTV office around you. Protection Status


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