StarTimes Ghana Subscription Packages, Channels & Prices (2024)

Are you a StarTimes subscriber, or are you in search of a reliable satellite tv with channels ranging from news to sports? Well, we believe StarTimes Ghana meets your preference. In this article, we will show you the different StarTimes Ghana packages, their channels, and prices. All you have to do is to choose the package that best suits your preference and budget.

StarTimes is a Chinese owned multinational media company which provides digital television technology in Ghana. They have a strong presence in over 16 African countries including Ghana.

StarTimes has become one of the leading digital television operators in Africa because of their very affordable subscription packages. Their arrival in Ghana made it possible for every family to be able to afford Pay TV.



Startimes Subscription Packages and Prices in Ghana

StarTimes Ghana has a lot of packages and subscription rates. All you need to do is to make a choice from the three StarTimes packages available.

A lot of Ghanaians subscribe to StarTimes in order to get access to some foreign channels such as BBC, Al Jazeera etc. For sports enthusiasts, they can now watch live sports on StarTimes World Football HD.

StarTimes Ghana Packages and Channels

StarTimes has five (5) subscription bouquet for Ghanaians right now with the StarTime Chinese package as the most expensive at GHS 100 monthly and the StarTimes Nova Bouquet costing GHS 20 monthly.

  • StarTimes Ghana Super Package costs GHS 110/month with 40 Channels.
  • StarTimes Ghana Smart Plus Package costs GHS 60/month with 33 Channels.
  • StarTimes Ghana Nova Package costs GHS 30/month with 29 Channels.
  • StarTimes Ghana Chinese Package costs GHS 125/month with 20 Channels.

How Much Does StarTimes Cost in Ghana?

To have full access to StarTimes channels, you need a satellite antenna and decoder. The satellite decoder allows you to watch both terrestrial and satellite TV channels without having to change any cables. The cost of StarTimes decoder, dish cable and lnb in Ghana is GHS 165.00.

  • StarTimes Decoder cost only is 90.00, you get a 1-month subscription
  • Cost of Dish + cable + lnb is GHS 75.00
  • Decoder + Dish + cable + lnb is GHS 165.00 (that is if you are buying from Startimes recognized outlets)

StarTimes Super Package in Ghana

StarTimes super bouquet channels in Ghana is another bouquet that has a monthly subscription price of GHS 110.00. With this package, you get to watch 40 TV channels.

StarTimes Super Channels List

  1. Bloomberg
  2. Fox News
  3. Colors
  4. Zee Magic
  5. MSNBC
  6. MTV Base
  7. Nollywood Plus
  8. Bollywood
  9. DBM TV
  10. Star Gold
  11. Movies Plus
  12. Star Plus
  13. Smithsonian Channel
  14. Discovery Family
  15. TV5 Monde
  16. Soul
  17. Fuel TV
  18. Classica
  19. Canal J
  20. Baby TV
  21. FOX
  22. Style TV
  23. AMC Series
  24. Sports Premium
  25. MCM Top
  26. Sports Life
  27. ID
  28. Real Time
  29. KTO
  30. Ebonyi Life
  31. Aforevo TV
  32. NGC
  33. NDTV 24X7
  34. RAJ TV
  35. World Football HD
  36. Novela E-Plus
  37. Glow TV
  38. Dreamworks
  39. Cbeebies
  40. TLNovelas

StarTimes Smart Package in Ghana

The StarTimes Smart bouquet has 33 TV channels and a monthly subscription price of GHS 60.

StarTimes Super Channels List

  1. Adepa
  2. Nina TV
  3. Film Box
  4. Fine Living
  5. JimJam
  6. BBC World News
  7. Star Life
  8. ESPN
  9. ST Africa
  10. Novella E
  11. Rise
  12. Love Nature
  13. Sky News
  14. Toonami
  15. Nickelodeon
  16. Nigezie
  17. Zee Cinema
  18. Al Jazeera
  19. France 24
  20. Fashion One
  21. SA Music
  22. Sports Arena
  23. Sino Drama
  24. Emmanuel TV
  25. E!
  26. Africa News
  27. Sunna TV
  28. ST Yoruba
  29. NGW
  30. ST Naija
  31. Trace Mziki
  32. ST Kids
  33. EWTN

StarTimes Nova Package in Ghana

The StarTimes Nova bouquet has a monthly subscription of GHS 30 with a total of 29 channels.


StarTimes Nova Channels List

  1. E. TV
  2. Dadin Kowa
  3. NTA News 24
  4. Silverbird TV
  5. E-Stars
  6. Orisun
  7. Farin Wata
  8. TVC News
  9. IQRAA
  10. WAP TV
  11. CGTN
  12. Dove TV
  13. Da Vinci
  14. ST Guide
  15. ST Swahili
  16. Sport Focus
  17. ST Zone
  18. AMC Movies
  19. CGTN Documentary
  20. Mindset Learn
  21. ST Gospel
  22. CNC World
  23. ST SA Music
  24. ST Kungfu
  25. FTV
  26. Max TV
  27. UTV
  28. GTV Sports Plus
  29. TV3

How to Pay Startimes Subscription Via MTN Mobile Money

  • Dial *170# and select option 2. (MoMoPay & Bills)
  • In the submenu option, select option 2 (Pay Bills) and then enter the account number.
  • Now select ‘TV & Entertainment’- option 2
  • Here, you select StarTimes and then enter the account number to finish up the process.
  •  Finally, enter your mobile money pin number.

After a successful payment, your StarTimes subscription will be active and you can enjoy your favorite channels. You will have to pay a monthly subscription to enjoy the StarTimes bouquet channels.

In case your StarTimes channels do not resume even after you have made the correct payment then contact StarTimes customer care via their contact number or different social media platforms.

You can also contact StarTimes dealers nearest to your location.


Startimes Contact

Hotline: 0242437888


  1. 250 channels for what instead increasing the number of channels and increasing subscription take away those unpopular channels and make it more affordable to custpmers . Do that research and improve your audience base.

  2. This post needs to be updated….all the fees for subscriptions have been increased highly…now Super goes for ¢100+ and smart for ¢60


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