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In this article, we will show you the necessary steps to successfully gain admission into Spanish Universities. Spain is one of the top study destinations for international students due to the country’s educational standard and employment prospect after studies.

As an International student, the Spanish student permit entitles you to work either part-time or in a temporary position for a limited amount of working hours. As a student, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week while studying as long as it does not interfere with your studies. Your Spanish employer will need to get a work permit for you from the Foreigner’s Office. Your employment contract cannot exceed the duration of your Spanish study visa.

How to Apply to Universities in Spain

Importantly, these benefits are only open to international students who are admitted to a Spain university. This post will assist you in making a successful admission application into any Spain University of your choice.


How to Apply to Universities in Spain

Applying for admission at a university in Spain is the first step in fulfilling your dream of studying in this amazing country. Just like every other country, all universities in Spain require that an application must be completed by prospective students before they can be considered for admission into a university.

The process of filling the college admission application forms is quite simple and easy to do and takes only a short amount of your time.

The outline below is a step-by-step process of applying for a university in Spain. All you need to do is to follow the instructions outlined below to apply at any Spanish university of your choice.

How to Apply for Undergraduate Programs in Spain University

As an international student who wishes to earn a Bachelor’s degree at a Spain university, the process of completing an application varies considerably according to the country in which you obtain your secondary education. The admission application procedures vary according to the European and Non-European status of the students. European and Non-European prospective students will need to follow the exact application procedures as stated below.

Spain University Application Procedures for European Students

For students who are from a European country, the application submission is through the Spanish National Distance Education University (UNED). The university application called the solicitud de inscripcion opens during the month of April. Once the application has been completed, it should be printed and mailed to the address indicated on the website.

In most cases, you may be asked to submit a copy of your passport, identity card or school leaving certifcate along with the application. If the admission application has been accepted, you will recieve a Credencial de Accesso within a period of three months. This document should be sent to the university in which you want to study.

Spain University Application Procedures for Non-EU Students

For Non-European students who wish to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Spain university, it is important that you have a recognition from your high school. This recognition certifies that you have earned the necessary certification in accordance with the requirements in Spain.

Students can also obtain the recognition at a Spanish Embassy. The Embassy will issue you with a Volante Accreditativo which can be used to apply at your preferred university. After the Volante Accreditativo has been granted, it is necessary for you to register for a Spanish University entrance exam. This exam is called the Selectividad or the Pruebas de Acceso a la Universidad.

Undergraduate Entrance Exams to Spain University

The Selectividad has four different components, and each of them is important:

  • Text Analysis – The test analysis exams give you the chance of choosing between two texts, written in Spanish.
  • Questions about Spain’s History or Philosophy – You can choose between the two when it is time to take your test. You will need to answer several questions about the chosen subject in this portion.
  • Foreign Language Exam – The exams is to test students proficiency in foreign languages. Take your choice of French, English, German, Portuguese or Italian.
  • Your Choice – The fourth and final part of the exam can be indicated by your selection, with choices which include subjects related to Art, Fine Art, Dance and Music; and subjects related to Science and Technology. Several choices are available in all.

You must successfully complete each portion of the test in order to move forward in the process of attending school in Spain.



How to Apply for Postgraduate Programs in Spain University

For postgraduate degree, students should contact the institution they are interested in attending directly to learn the specific admission requirements. Postgraduate students are expected to provide proof of a bachelor’s degree, a copy of traveling passport, and academic transcripts.

The admission application period for postgraduate studies varies depending on the University of your choice. Some university has more than one period of applications because many universities offer both fall and summer semesters.

For the summer session, it is required that your application is submitted by July of the year. Ensure you have all of your information, as well as the application in as soon as possible. Do not wait till the last minute to send in your application.

It is worthy of note that, all of your applications and documents must be submitted in Spanish. If your documents are not already in Spanish, you will need an official translator to translate them into Spanish.

Final Thoughts on How to Apply to Universities in Spain

Although there are several things that you need to do to apply for admission to a Spain university, most of them are quite simple and easy to do. With this information on how to apply for admission to Spain university, we believe you will have a hitch-free application.



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