Study in Norway: Tuition Fees and Living Cost

The Norway education system has been taken to a unique international level. As a law, most of the universities in Norway do not charge tuition fees for international students, so foreign students can have access to high-quality degree courses and programs.


This post is a quick guide to all you should know about studying in Norway.




University Tuition Fees in Norway

There are a lot of tuition-free Universities in Norway. Most of these universities offer undergraduate degree courses, Master’s programmes, and PhDs and for students from all countries, regardless if they are members of the EU/EEA or not.

However, some Norwegian institutions might require a semester union fee that has to be paid in full, which is usually around 32-64 EUR.

There is, though, a semester student union fee that has to be paid in full, which is around 32 – 64 EUR.

Student Living Costs in Norway

Studying in Norway involves you taking care of your living cost, comprising of accommodation, books and other study materials, food, transportation, and utilities. However, living cost in Norway may be above average European countries, but they are affordable.

Living cost also depends on the city of study. Some of the living cost for international students for a month in the major cities of Norway are:

  • Oslo: 1,200 – 2,000 EUR
  • Bergen: 1,100 – 1,800 EUR
  • Tromso and Trondheim: 1,000 – 1,600 EUR

Other smaller cities in Norway usually have an average monthly living cost of 800 – 1,000 EUR.

Students Accommodation Costs in Norway

Accommodation cost for students studying in Norway can be around 36% of the total living cost.

A private rental apartment with utilities can cost an average of 1,500 EUR per month. Accommodation in Oslo can cost as much as 1,700 EUR per month.

Students can also pay for accommodation on campus and in private apartments. Here is the average monthly costs for housing in Norway:

  • Students who live alone: 700 EUR
  • Students who live with their partner/children: 800 EUR
  • Students who live in residence halls: 570 EUR


Students who wish to stay in the university halls should note that there are limited space for international students. Only 15% of the students from the entire country live on-campus. The university halls are high standard with state of the art facilities to make live comfortable for students.

Food Costs and Inexpensive Shopping

International students studying in Norway can spend around 240 EUR on food per month. Students can also save up some money by buying from grocery stores that sometimes offer discounts or from accessible supermarkets.

Students can also spend about 20 EUR in an inexpensive restaurant and 65 EUR in an average one, for a meal or two.

Transportation Costs in Norway

About 41% of students studying in Norway use public transportation and use their discounts provided by the university card. The total cost of a monthly transport pass is between 55 and 72 EUR, and additional transportation can have:

  • A starting price of 10 EUR and 1.6 EUR/ kilometer, for taxis;
  • A rate of around 60 EUR for 7 months, for bike rentals

Extra Costs

International students studying in Norway will need to buy books and other supplies for courses and research. These may cost around 530 EUR per semester, but you can buy used books from libraries and save some money.

Also, students who love social activities can also spend around 70 EUR/month.

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