Graphic Designer Job Description – What Are Their Duties


Graphic design somewhat sits at the centre of many things across many industries and sectors both in the world or within our immediate community.

For example, if you are an author looking to publish your book with a publishing house, asides having a good manuscript, you would have to look for an individual with the appropriate skill set to communicate the title and content of your book in a way that suits your desires. This is where a graphic designer comes in. For many organisations, they employ the services of a designer to come up with appropriate logos or ads that can be useful in sales, marketing and advertising.

Job Profile For Graphic Designers

Graphic designers make use of their creative abilities to communicate ideas, inform consumers, and solve problems. Their services are required for designing the template of a website, billboards or company logos.

Graphic designers create visual concepts by hand or using computer software to help others interpret the world around them through colour, texture, images, and symbols. They work in many industries and are responsible for all aspects of a company’s design process, or they might specialize in a particular field such as advertising, digital design, illustration, or branding. Some work independently as freelancers, while others are part of a design studio, a creative agency, or a corporate company.

Some of the software tools used by Graphic designers include;

  • Acrobat
  • Dreamweaver
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • QuarkXPress e.t.c

Job Description For Graphic Designers

As a graphic designer, your daily activities would involve;

Your daily activities and responsibilities as a loan officer include;

  • Creating and designing various materials for print and advertisement
  • Ensure projects are completed in time and according to specifications
  • Perform retouching and manipulation of images where required
  • Coming up with various designs that suit the client’s purpose
  • Producing new ideas, concepts and developing interactive design
  • Working with other team members such as printers, copywriters, photographers, stylists, illustrators, other designers, account executives, web developers and marketing specialists on related projects.

What Skill Should I Have As A Graphic Designer?

Some of the relevant skills for a successful career as a Graphic Designer includes;

  • Knowledge of design software
  • Teamwork
  •  Great attention to details
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Knowledge of layouts, graphic fundamentals, typography e.t.c
  • Familiarity with HTML and CSS
  • Good presentation and time management skills

Where Can I Work As A Graphic Designer?

Some of the organisations where you would work as a graphic designer include;

  • Publishing Houses
  • Advertising agencies
  • Media Organisations
  • Private companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Charities
  • Government Agencies
  • Hospitality Industries
  • Design Companies

What Steps Can I Take To Become A Graphic Designer?

Your work as a graphic designer enables you to work on different projects such as websites, books, magazines, posters, product packaging e.t.c. Sometimes, you would be required to have a  bachelors degree or diploma in the following areas to be considered for some job openings;

  • communication design
  • film and television
  • fine art
  • graphic design
  • illustration
  • photography
  • visual art

These days graduates from other disciplines that can demonstrate their expertise through showing their portfolio can also be considered during an interview for openings in organisations Protection Status


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