GOtv Ghana Contact Details, Customer Care Line & Self Service

GOTV Ghana Contact Details, GOtv Customer Care Line, GOTV Self-service. GOtv is multi-platform paid satellite TV owned by Multichoice. The company offers entertainment on various technology platforms and gadgets. GOtv Ghana contact details is available to anyone who wants to connect with GOtv Ghana and enjoy a wide range of informative, educative and entertaining programs.

GOTV ghana Contact Details, GOTV Self Service, How To Use GOtv Self Service,  Activate Your GOtv, Other Ways to Pay for GOtv Subscription”.


GOtv Ghana Contact Details

GoTV Ghana CustomerTel: +233 302 740 540


Fax: 0302768667

GOtv Ghana Website:

GOtv Facebook Account: Follow us on Facebook

GOtv Contact Address: No. 8, Basko Lane, Ablenkpe, PMB CCC29 Accra, Ghana.

GOtv Short code: 4688

USSD : *759#

Multichoice Ghana opening hours: Monday – Friday: 7am-8pm, Saturday: 9am-4.30pm, Sunday: 10am-4.30pm

GOtv Ghana Customer Care Line

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GOtv Self Service

With the GOtv Self Service Portal You Can Easily:

  • Activate Your GOtv
  • Pay for Subscription
  • Find a dealer
  • Get Gotv
  • View frequently answered questions about GOtv
  • Find their customer support information

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How To Use GOtv Self Service

Some of the self-services listed above like activating your GOtv and Paying for a subscription would require you to know

  • your IUC number,
  • the surname used in purchasing Gotv and
  • the mobile number provided.
  • The IUC number can be found on your GOtv smartcard or on the red sticker under your decoder.

Other services are basically necessary information useful for any GOtv subscriber.

To access GOtv’s self-service you would need an internet

 How to Activate Your GOtv

  • Click on the Activate link
  • Select your State
  • Enter your Surname
  • Enter the IUC number
  • Enter the telephone number
  • Click on Activate

You can also check your activation status by typing the IUC number in the field to check activation status and click on the “Check Activation Status” button.

To Pay For Your GOtv Subscription

  • Click on the Pay Link
  • You have the option to pay for your Gotv account or Someone’s account
  • Select your preferred account
  • Enter your Surname or mobile number in the first field
  • Enter your IUC number and click on Login
  • It would take you to a secured page where you can make payment online.
  • Fill all details as necessary and you are done!

Contact the dealer nearest to your location

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  1. self service in Ghana is not friendly. if you are searching for Ghana, other African Country will be piping up.
    and if you are using the manual (*789#)another wahala.
    the hole of yesterday i find it difficult to activate my new Govt trough the self service

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