List of Shipping Companies in Ghana and Contact Details

Shipping is a common means of transporting items by sea from one destination to another. In Ghana, the use of a ship to transport goods is very common because many people tend to convey bulky goods in and out of the country.

Goods like agricultural products, automobile spare parts, crude oil, minerals and raw materials are all exported through the sea to countries like China and even the US. This, in turn, is exchanged for money which has helped boost the Ghanaian economy.

For this reason, there have emerged many shipping companies offering freight services, cargo shipping from China to Ghana or any other country. These companies are tested and trusted to convey goods with 98% assurance of delivering any package safely to the receiver.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the list of shipping companies in Ghana, their location and contact details.


Premier Freight Logistics Limited

Premier Freight Logistics is a privately owned logistics solutions company based in Tema, Ghana. With over 15 years of experience in the logistics industry, they specialize in moving complex and general haulage loads throughout Ghana & West Africa.

Premier Freight Logistics Limited is located at Aviance Village, Blook 14, Rm Kia – Airport, Accra. You can call them via + 233 (0)303 217284 /+233 (0) 244 566344/+233(0)501607374, or send an email: info@[email protected]

Global Cargo and Commodities Ltd

The company has experiences in managing projects from Ship Handling to consolidating cargo in various parts of the world and also Clearing, Haulage and Total Logistics. Shipment from scratch to final delivery to the consumer.

Global Cargo and Commodities Ltd is located Behind Engen Filling Station or Opposite UBA Tema Habour. You can call them via (+233)303200740 || (+233)303214148
(+233)244336336 || (+233)244031693 || (+233)270540177

Mayland Transport Logistics Courier/Delivery and Postal Services

MTLCS Ghana offers international express deliveries; global freight forwarding by air, sea, road and rail; warehousing solutions from packaging to repairs, to storage; mail deliveries worldwide; confidential freights and other customized logistic services.

The company is located at Wanlida Building, #72-73 Mills Street, Accra, Ghana. You can call them via +233-302-862-823, +233-232-292-639.

Global Packing Services

Global Packing Services are experts in packing, relocation, clearing, exports and shipping. Thye have experience in taking care of valuable and fragile property and deliver it to your doorstep safely.

For more info, call +233244520414, +233249145873

Water Front All Services

Water Front is a flexible, compatible and knowledgeable logistics service provider. They have experience and resources to develop complete freight solutions tailored to your company’s specific needs.

They are located Behind Engen Filling Station or Oppl UBA Tema Habour. You can contact the company via +233 303 200 740 or send a mail via [email protected].

Logical Maritime Services Limited

We are one of the top Freight Forwarding Companies within Ghana, providing professional global transport solutions to our clients. We take great pride in providing the most cost-effective and time-efficient international freight forwarding services.

They are located near Lighthouse Chapel International, Cornerstone Cathedral, Community 8, Tema, Ghana. You can contact them via +233 30 330 0877, +233 30 332 1868 or [email protected]

Reliable Logistics and Services

Reliable Logistics & Services Limited is a Freight Forwarding, Goods Consolidation and Logistics Company. We have managed a wide array of port handling, containerized and bulk clearing, and goods held under bond and storage; and have provided various logistics services.

They are located on First Street. Sekyiwa Plaza 1st Floor Suite 4, Tema, Ghana

Shipping Brothers Company Limited

Shipping Brothers Company Limited is the best West African freight forwarding and shipping company whose goal is to become the leader in the industry by providing quality and affordable freight forwarding and shipping solutions that meets our clients needs and expectations.

Address: P.O.Box AC 458, Arts-Center, Accra, Ghana. P

Phone Number: +233-277-333-254 / +233-548-837-966

Express Global Shipping and Security

Express Global Shipping and Security Company Limited (EGSSCL) is a high security vault and deposit boxes company and also an international air and ocean freight forwarder and NVOCC founded in 1975 and headquartered in Accra, Ghana providing international and domestic (import and export) air freight, ocean freight, rail freight, warehousing and trucking services worldwide.


Hendrick Shipping Co. Ltd. (HENSHIP)

Hendrick Shipping Company Limited is a Clearing and Forwarding Company owned by Ghanaians.Our mission is to become one of the leading Clearing and Forwarding Companies in the sub-region. We aspire to work conscientiously for the progress and development of the shipping industry.

They’re located at 29, Banana Street, East Legon, Accra Metropolitan, Greater Accra, Accra, Ghana.



Just-In-Time Shipping & Logistics Ghana Ltd

JuST-In-Time Shipping & Logistics Ghana Ltd is a shipping and logistics company with the requisite experience to operate a freight forwarding business. we are specialised in fast track export and import services as well as consultatation on all shipping businesses.

McDan Shipping Co. Ltd.

McDan Shipping Company was established in November 1999 with headquarter in Accra and branches in Tema, Takoradi, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Equatorial Guinea. The Company has presence in over 2400 major air and sea ports worldwide with our partnership with WCA (World Cargo Alliance) and JC Trans.


+233 302 762280
+233 249 991199

Newnet Express Courier

Newnet Express is a registered courier service and logistics company that provides reliable, affordable, convenient and secure delivery services to businesses and individuals in Ghana. Particularly for the Ghanaian market, Newnet Express is not only partnering with enterprises to expand their reach across large geographical areas but also acting as a conduit through which these local businesses receive products from their suppliers abroad.

They’re located at Oxford Plaza, First Street, Community 11, Tema, Ghana.


+233 30 331 7891
+233 24 522 3300

Estyza Enterprise

Estyza enterprise is a maritime services company serving merchant marine ships. The company supplies general ship supplies, provisions, stores and spare parts through it network at Tema and Takoradi and Togo ports.



Eon Ghana Limited

Eon Ghana limited was established in 2019 with a special focus on solving trade and logistics-related problems within the West African market, leveraging on modern technologies and strategic partnerships.

They’re located at Tema, Greater Accra, Ghana.


+233 (0) 249835552/(0) 577685551

Exrol Logistics (Ghana) Limited

Exrol provides a comprehensive in the continent, and worldwide air, ocean and multi-modal forwarding services to meet the different transit-times, costs and service requirements as demanded by our customers. Airfreight shipments can be expedited to worldwide destinations either directly or as part of our regular consolidations.

They’re located at 102, TFS Building, PMB 22, Community One, Tema, Ghana.

+233 303 204640

Kessben Shipping and Forwarding

Kessben Shipping provides safe and secure shipping to Ghana from anywhere in the world. Established in 2004, we have a network of agents worldwide in Dubai, UK and the Netherlands (Holland) to provide a personalised service for all our clients. We cater for the shipping needs of companies, traders and individuals. Kessben Shipping are experts in shipping a variety of goods.

They’re located at 1st Floor, Aseda House, Adum, Tema, Ghana.

(+233) 03220 37377

Unique Prime Shipping Services Ltd

UNIQUE PRIME SHIPPING is an incorporated freight forwarding company specializing in efficient shipping related services. The company is poised to be one of the best freight forwarding companies in the industry, building a solid partnership with its stakeholders.

They’re located at Hospital Road, Adjacent Chop Stick P. O. Box CO 3674 Tema, Ghana.

+233 243266211

Renaissance Logistics Ltd

They are registered private owned company doing business in Logistics and Freight forwarding accross the globe. We have over 15yrs expereince in all types of cargo handling whether export or Import for clearance through customs and other government agencies.

They’re located at Bits & Pieces Bldg., Meridian Roundabout, Comm. 1, Tema, Ghana


Dest Logistics

Dest Logistics Ltd (DLL) is Ghana’s most famous shipping and clearing company that is supported by its loyal and exuberant employees in their various fields of duty. DLL has gained a great deal of experience and have an unrivalled reputation for friendly, professional and efficient Freight Forwarding, Shipping, Clearing, Total Logistics, & Transport.

They’re located at Airline House, Airport, Accra, Ghana.
0302-780964/ 0244- 865989/ 0207562000

Elite Haulage and Logistics Ltd

Elite provides the most dependable and reliable document and parcel delivery in Ghana.  Our professionalism is second to none.  If it has to get there, Call Elite.  Depend on our professionalism and high level service to move your products nationwide.  Leverage on our vast fleet of reliable trucks and technology to deliver goods to your customers whether scheduled or on demand.

They’re located at Adabraka Roxy Cinema, Behind NCR Building, Kojo Thompson Road.

+233 30 397 1488
​+233 55 996 7050

Gimboat Shipping Ltd.

MSCA (Ghana) Ltd.

MSC is a privately-owned container shipping line, founded in 1970, one of the leading global carriers of the world.
They’re located at Ahiadome Complex, Meridian Street, Tema, Ghana.


Obst Security and Shipping

Specialized in the presentation of Container shipping lines, Tramp service vessels carrying dry bulk cargoes (grains, fertilizer, sugar, minerals, coal, steel products, agro commodities, etc), Crude oil, Clean and dirty products, Parcel, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Ammonia, Vegetable oils etc.

They’re located at Suite 45, TDC Estate 2, Tema Ghana.


Murdeikline Freight Services

Murdeikline Freight Services is a clearing and forwarding company that connects importers and exporters together by providing clearance of goods at the port to the premises of our esteemed clients.

They’re located at Blackstar building, Harbour Area. Tema, Tema, Ghana


+233 542523113

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