Data Scientist Job Description – What Are their Duties

The world we live in is filled with data. You may be wondering how? well, there are lots of information that are all over the world, we get information from what we eat to improve our farming methods, materials we use for building to improve our building costs and efficiency e.t.c. The importance data plays in our daily lives cannot be over-emphasized, that is why we need experts in this field to make us understand results gotten from data.

Job Profile For Data Scientists

Data scientists help different companies and organizations by obtaining data from various sources, analyzing and drawing inferences from the obtained data. They are also involved in the building of specific software tools that can be either workplace-specific or used in other places.

Data scientists are needed by both governmental organizations, multinationals, and even small scale businesses to carry out analysis of data which is pivotal to their success as a brand. Their knowledge of computer applications, statistics, programming, and maths has been useful in designing applications that are unique to whatever company they work with. Because of their role they also have good communication skills which make it easier in understanding what their client needs are.


Job Description Of Data Scientists

The daily schedule and responsibilities of data scientists include;
  •  Extraction of important information from a large amount of data and analysis of data
  •  Developing suited data models and algorithms
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of data models developed
  • Develop processes and tools used in the evaluation of data models and its accuracy
  • Proper interpretation and presentation of data
  • Giving recommendations to organizations based on findings gotten from data analyzed

What Skill Should I Have As A Data Scientist?

Some of the relevant skills required of you as a data analyst include;

  •  Problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of machine learning techniques
  • Knowledge of statistical techniques and concepts
  • Basic programming language e.g Javascript, C++
  • Experience with database querying
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Project management
  •  Teamwork
  • Time management

Who Are The Employers Of Data Scientists?

As a data scientist, you would enjoy a wonderful career in any industry of your choice depending on your areas of interest. some of the places you can consider includes;

  • Military
  • Government agencies
  • Embassies
  • Aviation industry
  • Hospitality industry
  • Hospitals
  • Audit firms
  • Banks
  • NGO’s such as UNICEF, UN
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Logistics companies e.t.c

What Steps Can I Take To Become A Data Scientist?

A bachelor’s degree in computer science gives you an opportunity to start your career at junior level positions. However if you are looking to advance in your career then it is important that you get a master’s degree which is required for senior positions. Also data scientists are needed in every sector, therefore it is important that you try to get internship positions or even volunteer in organizations that are of interest to you during your long vacation from school.


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