Customer Care vs Sales Representative: Which One is Better?

There are several ways in which customer service representatives promote the image of a company. Every organisation tries to create an image which would make individuals or large organisations continue to carry out business transactions.

But, sometimes there might be shortcomings which might arise due to one reason or the other. It is the duty of a customer service representative to help maintain the company’s image at all times when handling complaints.

Sales representatives also promote the generation of revenue which is necessary for more growth and sustenance of business models. They work sometimes along research teams to analyse consumer behaviour and give suggestions based on their daily encounters with their customers.


Who Is A Customer Care Representative?

Customer care representatives maintain conversations with customers on behalf of whichever organisation that they work with. all complaints and recommendations on the company’s products are usually forwarded through the customer care unit to the appropriate channel.

Due to the nature of their work, they might be required to have either an online or offline presence or both. The emergence of technology has made it such that customer care representatives do not need to meet face-to-face before listening to complaints from customers. online channels include emails, chats and voice call.

However, the emergence of online alternatives does not override the need for certain customers to meet with customer care representatives physically as they may be required to provide some information and documents which are best provided in person.

There is a place for customer care representatives in almost every industry with a varying job description based on where they work. some of the places where they work include banks, retail stores, insurance companies and other organisations that interact with customers.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration, mass communication or public relations may be enough to get an entry-level job. But these days a bachelors degree in any discipline is accepted as they would be trained on the job.

Who is a Sales Representative?

Sales representatives help to generate sales and increase the company’s revenue by selling the company’s products to businesses, government agencies and organisations that are interested. They work either in wholesale or retail depending on which industry or organisation that they work with.

Every organisation who is interested in making sales invests heavily on their sales team because they are the ones who come in contact with customers to convince them about their products.

A bachelors degree in marketing is usually required for entry-level jobs but many people from other disciplines may be employed with an option to undergo a few months in training.

Working as a sales representative is a full-time job and can be sometimes stressful especially when there are specific targets that you are trying to meet. But, if you are one who enjoys travelling and meeting new people then a career in sales might be a good fit for you.

Career Opportunities for Customer care representatives

As a customer care representative, your area of expertise is required in the following areas:

  • Call Centre Agent: this could either be a virtual position or you could work directly from the call centre to respond to emails and phone calls from customers.
  • Concierge: they assist hotels, restaurants and transportation companies in improving customer experience. they could also assist with booking reservations, and suggesting possible activities for the entertainment of guests.
  • Client Relations Associate: they build and maintain relationships between customers and organisations. the also ensure that customers are satisfied at all times to avoid them patronising other companies.
  • Customer Service Representative: Customer service representatives play numerous roles such as attending to customers, providing information about the organization’s products and services and also resolve complaints.
  • Patient Care Coordinator: patient care coordinators work in health-related settings such as hospitals and rehabilitation centres to schedule appointments and also ensure patients are attended to properly by doctors and other health care professionals.
  • Social Media Manager: they attend to all complaints made through the company’s social media platforms. They also monitor and plan content strategies for the company’s growth and online presence. 

Career Opportunities for Sales Representatives

As a sales representative, your area of expertise is required in the following areas:

  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative: they work in pharmaceutical industries to introduce new medications to retail pharmacies and hospitals. This could require that you travel across states and countries during launch programmes.
  •  Regional Sales Manager: Regional sales managers work across different geographical locations while managing other members to increases sales wherever they are. they are also required to carry out training and attend relevant workshops and shows where they can meet with potential clients.
  • Equipment Specialists: they specialize in the introduction of new equipment to the relevant sectors where they might be needed. some may work as medical device sales representatives while others may target industries or agricultural companies.
  • Sales Manager: they oversee and coordinate the activities of the sales team. this includes monitoring the progress of sales by both field and online sales representatives. They may also be required to create a sales plan and set monthly targets for their subordinates.
  • Sales Associate: They assist customers in the purchase of items by giving them detailed information about the benefits of the product. They are also required to take inventory and process returns. most sales associates work in big retail supermarkets to make shopping easier for customers.

Customer Care Vs. Sales Representative Which is Better?

When we look at both occupations, we can see that they both deal with customers, however, customer sales representatives always work to ensure customer satisfaction.

Sales representatives, on the other hand, are required to generate sales leads and convert first-timers to customers. Because of this, a degree in marketing is always better suited for a sales representatives position.

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