Difference Between Regular Student and Fee Paying Students

In Ghana universities, the term regular students and fee-paying students are very popular. But how many people know the difference between regular students and fee-paying students. Many prospective students who want to enrol in universities don’t actually know how to differentiate between the two.

In this article, you’ll understand the difference between being a regular student and being a fee-paying student. Not only that, but you’ll also get to know how what they really mean.

Getting admission to study in Ghana public universities has actually generated a lot of controversies. This difference stems mostly from the fact that it is only the rich and privilege that get admitted into public institutions.

The fee-paying policy of Ghana public universities has generated a lot of debate. However, it has been affirmed that 28 per cent of the total revenue of public universities was generated from fees collected from fee-paying students. The indication is that those students are currently subsidizing the education of non-fee paying students.

But there is also another theory that most public tertiary institutions give preference to fee-paying students because of their ability to pay. But that is not the case as these universities admit students strictly on merit and quota system.

Difference Between Regular Student and Fee Paying Students

Having said that, let’s look at the differences that exist between regular and fee-paying students.

  • Tuition fees for fee-paying students are extravagantly high as compared to regular students.
  • Regular students normally have to meet the cutoff point before they are admitted to study a particular programme. However, fee-paying students just have to meet the minimum requirements to study a programme.
  • The fee-paying policy mostly applies to foreign students, but Ghanaians who haven’t met the minimum cut off point can also apply and pay the same fee as foreign students.

We hope with this, that you can differentiate between a regular student and a fee-paying student. For enquiries or suggestion, use the comment section below to communicate with us.

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