Courses to Consider after Your MBBS Degree [Alternate Courses]

Are you about to graduate from medical school? Confused about alternate courses and careers after MBBS? Well, you aren’t alone in this. There are so many people in your position who are equally confused about programs to enrol after MBBS.

While most MBBS graduates start practising medicine immediately, others choose to specialize in a particular field. The field of medicine is very diverse and it’s crucial to choose the right specialization for a fulfilling career.

If you are one of those who are looking for courses after MBBS, then you’re at the right place. In this post, you’ll learn the best alternate courses you can choose from after your MBBS degree.

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Courses to Consider After MBBS Degree

Below are some courses to consider if you intend to specialize or further your studies after your MBBS degree.

The list of PG Specializations available are as follows

MD Specializations
MS Specializations
Diploma Specializations
Aerospace MedicineENTAnaesthesia
AnatomyGeneral SurgeryClinical Pathology
AnaesthesiaObstetrics & GynaecologyDVL
Community medicineOrthopaedicsHealth Education
Dermatology, Venereology & LeprosyUrologyImmunohaematology
Family MedicineCardiac surgeryObstetrics & Gynaecology
Forensic MedicineCosmetic surgeryOccupational Health
General MedicineOphthalmologyOphthalmology
Health AdministrationObstetricsPaediatrics
Hospital AdministrationOrthopaedicsPsychiatry
ImmunohaematologyPlastic surgeryPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation
MicrobiologyPediatric surgeryPulmonary medicine
Nuclear medicineRadio-diagnosis
PaediatricsRadiation Medicine
PathologySports Medicine
PharmacologyTropical medicine
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Pulmonary medicine
Sports Medicine
Tropical Medicine

Career Opportunities after MBBS

1. Government Jobs in health services departments

Most MBBS graduates get recruited into government-owned health institutions. This is the most preferred choice for fresh MBBS graduates because of the job security that comes with working for the government.

2. Military (Army, Navy and Air Force)

Most MBBS graduates get to work with the military. The defence department recruits MBBS graduates for infantry units, army hospitals and emergency services. Such medics who are recruited by the Ministry are trained in military camps and appointed for a permanent position. This is done to make them work in sync with the army personnel and understand the emergency situations where the army and other defence personnel step in to provide relief efforts.

3. Research and Academics

Recently, they’ve been an influx of MBBS degree holders into research and academics. However, one will need to obtain further specialization in any area of medicine. Also, top pharmaceutical firms offer lucrative opportunities to MBBS graduates in their research and development units.

4. Health Administration/Hospital Management

MBBS graduates with management skills can opt for Health Administration or Hospital Management to enhance their knowledge of medicine as well as their inclination towards management roles.

It is a well-known fact that if the day-to-day services at hospitals are managed well then their services become more organized and functional. There are many hospitals who recruit doctors in such management roles where they deem fit.

Generally, doctors who have completed additional management programme after their MBBS degree are offered these roles. Master-level programmes like Health Administration and Hospital Management impart crucial skills to the doctors for managing multi-specialty hospitals, special clinics, insurance companies to name a few.

5. Biomedical Engineering and Sciences

Doctors with an interest in medical machine and mechanisms can also venture into biomedical engineering. Such courses intend to develop engineering strategies to advance inventions in the medical field to improve healthcare and patient care.

6. Private Practice

The most sought after choice of MBBS aspirants is to set up a clinic or start practising medicine at a private firm. However, it is easier said than done, as this comes in with a lot of challenges. This choice is being opted by medical graduates far and wide to gain hands-on experience and earn money.

7. Public Health/NGOs

There is a huge demand for doctors in the public health sector and it is ever increasing. Career opportunities in this field include medical social worker, research consultants, entrepreneur, counsellor, trainer and Psychiatric. Apart from these, medicos can work for NGOs keeping in mind that not all NGOs offer unpaid jobs. Prominent among them are WHO, UNICEF and others.

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