Advertising vs Copywriting: Which One is Better?

There are many ways in which people work on a product or service before it is introduced to potential consumers. It involves the effort of different people from different teams carrying out extensive research and proper planning over a specific period.

Some people who are copywriters spend their time researching consumer behaviour and product specifications before coming up with a suitable phrase that individuals can relate to. In case you have ever wondered why you can’t get a company’s phrase out of your mouth, it shows that the copywriter did a great job.

Advertising, on the other hand, deals with the creation of content from materials gotten from effective copywriting and research. Advertising companies aim to make sure people have unlimited access to products or services which are being introduced via all channels of communication.


What is Advertising?

Like I said earlier, advertising has been used as a marketing tool for ages via all channels of communications. There are contents designed for radio, television, websites, email, or even the internet depending on who the target audience is and where they spend most of their time getting information.

Roles in advertising are dynamic as it is subject to the industry or company one works with. Some people work with advertising agencies who create content for different companies, while some work specifically alongside a company’s marketing team for content related to the company.

Regardless of whichever route you decide to pursue, having a degree in advertising, marketing or communications would equip you with some of the technical skills that are required to work effectively in generating top-notch content. Emphasis can also be placed on having great communication, interpersonal, and negotiation skills as you would need these skills when interacting with potential clients.

Who is a Copywriter?

Every successful copywriter has something in common, this is their love for writing. The success of any copywriter is dependent on how phrases they make can resonate with the minds of potential clients.

This is why big brands spend heavily on copywriting especially when launching their new collections or making commercials. An example of an excellent copywriting phrase that comes to mind is Nike’s “Just Do It ” campaign.

Excelling as a copywriter requires that you are very creative, pay attention to details, have a flexible learning style and are open to collaborations with people from other departments such as Public relations, marketing e.t.c

One good thing you should know as a future copywriter is that although a degree in English or journalism is suitable for employment, these days companies give jobs to individuals who are skilled and have a portfolio to demonstrate their expertise.

Career Opportunities In Advertising

There are many roles which you can put your expertise to good use in the field of advertising some of which include;

  • Advertising Management: this would involve working in companies to plan and manage their advertising campaigns. they sometimes work with advertising agencies to work on campaigns that would be used on a larger scale on special occasions.
  • Advertising Agencies: your role in advertising agencies can be very diverse, it may sometimes involve pitching of contents to clients, working with creative directors, accountants(budget estimation), and copywriters in managing campaigns on the company’s behalf.
  • Marketing Management: marketing management involves coming up with marketing strategies that can be used in promoting goods and services produced in the company. These strategies are used by people in advertising to come up with suitable campaigns which would improve the sales of such products.
  • Digital marketing and Social media campaigns: The arrival of the internet has made advertising on social media channels an important step for the company. Advertising specialists need an understanding of how certain ad’s such as google ads, Facebook ads work and also create strategies to promote campaigns on such platforms.
  • Product Management: advertising is important in product management as they work with people from various teams such  as marketing, product research, and development towards making the launch of new products or rebranded products a success

Career Opportunities In Copywriting

There are many roles which you can put your expertise to good use as a copywriter some of which include;

  • Products Description Writer: They help to write effective phrases that can be used during the launch of new products for a company or rebranded products to increase sales during launch.
  • Freelance Copywriter: they work anywhere in the world under agreed conditions with their clients to write about company products as well as editing and ensuring contents written are search engine optimized.
  • Content Writer: your writing skills can also be used to write great articles which are search engine optimized and content-friendly for readers looking for new information.
  • Sales and Marketing Copywriter: they write good copies that can be used in creating advertising content for the sales of goods and services from companies. they may also be involved in writing copy for campaigns used by non-profit organizations.
  • Copywriter(Technology): Startup companies and other tech-related companies also employ copywriters who research effective phrases which can be used to market tech products.

Advertising Vs.Copywriting Which is Better?

Advertising and Copywriting are very similar because they deal with shaping the narrative that consumers engage in, they help consumers decide which brand is suitable for their needs based on what they read, see or hear.

They are however different because copywriting specializes in writing words, sentences and phrases which can be used in advertising and marketing products, while advertising focuses on creating content that can be used to promote products and campaign.

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