When is BECE 2023 Result Going to be Out? January Release Date

When is the 2023 BECE result going to be out online? A lot of candidates who participated in the 2023 WAEC BECE examination have asked when is the WAEC BECE results coming out. This is very particular for candidates who are seeking placement into Senior High Schools (SHS).

Considering this fact, candidates are expected to apply for school placement once the BECE result is out. It is pertinent to know the exact date that the BECE result will be released online.

However, once the results have been released, candidates are expected to meet the SHS selection conditions for school placement. That being said, we’re going to show you the time that you should expect your BECE result to be out.


The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has officially announced that the BECE results will be released 45 days after the examination.

The 2022 BECE examination which started on Monday, August 7, 2023 ended on Friday, August 11, 2023.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The 2023 BECE Results for Schoola and Private Candidates is Out.

According to our calculations, the 2023 BECE results will be released in November 2023.

That being said, efforts are being made to release the 2023 BECE result. The result will be released in due course.

READ ALSOWAEC BECE Grading System 2023/2024.

The good news is that every candidate who took part in the BECE examination will see their result before the SHS re-opening date for the 2023/2024 academic year.

Importantly, I recommend that you check the SHS School Selection List before applying for school placement. This will give you a general overview of all the schools in Ghana and their categories.

How to Check Your BECE Result 2023

We have put together a complete guide on how to check WAEC BECE result online.

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has really put in a lot of effort to reduce the waiting days for the release of its BECE result to 45 days as against the usual 60 to 90 days.

I personally believe this is to aid candidates who are waiting for their placement results to gain admission into Senior High Schools (SHS).

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Hope I have been able to answer your question as to when BECE 2023 results shall be released.

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  1. Let us all wait for waec , everything will be fine I think by 5th to 10th January,2023 they will release
    the results to us so let us pray for them. I wish you all long life

  2. pls WAEC try all your best possible to let us go to school early next yr Jan 2022.
    Hoping first wk of Jan. thanks

  3. What of those of us who do independent work
    It’s my problem people will copy and at the end they will get the good grade whilst you mark those did independent work down
    Pls God knows I did it my self so don’t base on the copy people do and mark me down I beg ppl are telling I want to show them that I know everything just because I refused to take the apor

    1. Hello my people, be patient becs the results are just in corner@becs results would be released on the 10th or 15th of january@so let’s us wait for that days@@.

    1. The results would be released on the 10th or 15th of january@so let’s us wait for that days@@.

  4. I think the 2021 BECE result will be realised on the 10th or 15th of January 2022,,,thanks. Good luck to all who wrote love you all 😘

  5. Bece 2020 Candidates , please exercise little patience from today 14th December up to 18th December, 2020 shortly coming friday BECE results of 2020 will be out and i hope God will let all the candidates come out with flying colours. Contact me for 2020 New Results checker when the results are out on 05555526651

  6. Please Waec we have been waiting for the results so far please let the results should be out some people were scared that they have fail because of the wait of the results

  7. Thank you for this information???. I appreciate your help?.
    I just pray ?we all make it in our results

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