How to Apply for Turkey Visa From Ghana

How to Apply for Turkey Visa From Ghana… This is a complete step-by-step guide on how to apply for Turkey Visa from Ghana. This visa application guide contains visa eligibility, application fee, renewal, and application.

How to Apply for Turkey Visa From Ghana

Turkey is a transcontinental country with part of it in Europe and Asia. Turkey has the 17th largest GDP and has metamorphosed into a large business hub with a vibrant economy. The Official language of the Turkish is Arabic, but a bit of English is spoken in major cities.

Due to its high developmental strides, the country has caught the fancy of many people – tourist, vacation seekers, business people and people seeking greener pastures.


How to Apply for Turkey Visa From Ghana

Before one can get entry into Turkey, you will need a visa. Also, before a visa is granted, there are some requirements to be met.  You must know the of visas available before applying for Turkish Visa. We are going to simplify the Turkish visa requirements procedure for Ghanaians on this page.

Types of Turkish Visa

Before you are granted entry into Turkey, you will need a visa, and the type of visa depends on your purpose of visit.

There are majorly two types of visas; the Single-Entry Visas and the Multiple-Entry Visas. 

The single-entry visa allows a visitor to enter into the country just once. If for any reason a visitor leaves the country before the duration permitted by this visa, he will have to apply for another visa.

On the other hand, visitors with a multiple-entry visa can exit and return to Turkey any time within the duration permitted by their visa.

There are specific Turkey visas that apply to Ghanaians and they include:

1. Turkish Tourist visa

The Turkish tourist visa is issued to person(s) who want to visit family members, relatives and friends in Turkey from Ghana. The tourist visas are single-entry visa and are only valid for up to 3 months (90 days).

2. Turkish Business Visa

The Turkish business visa is issued to travellers visiting the country for brief business meetings, conferences or lectures. This single-entry visa is only valid for 90 days. Applicants for this visa will have to provide necessary documents to support their reason for traveling.

3. Turkish Student Visa

The Turkish student visa is a multiple-entry visa granted to applicants who want to study in Turkey. Applicants must be granted admission into a Turkish university before applying for the student visa.

Are you an applicant for a student visa? See how to apply for Turkish student visa from Ghana.

4. Turkish Work Visa

The Turkish work visa is issued to person(s) who want to work in Turkey. The Turkish employers of these applicants will have to send proof of employment to the Turkish Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS).

Holders of Turkish work visas have to apply for residence permits within 30 days of arrival in Turkey.

5. Turkish Research Visa

The Turkish Research visa is issued to experts whose purpose of  visit is for research. Each member of the team would need to present a copy of their application form and a passport photo.

Applicant(s) will have to present a letter from a Turkish institution or museum sponsoring the research.

6. Turkish Transit Visa

The Turkish transit visa is issued to persons who want to pass through the country. This visa is valid only for 3 days.

Turkey Visa Requirements

For every category of Turkey visa application, there are some necessary requirements and important documents that must be provided.

  1. Valid Ghanaian Passport  (valid for 90 days longer than the requested visa)
  2. A Duly filled application form
  3. Passport-size photos
  4. Documents supporting the purpose of the planned visit.
  5. Proof of health insurance
  6. Evidence of payment of visa application fee
  7. Documentation of financial capacity
  8. Visa processing fee (varies depending on visa type and your nationality).

How to Apply for Turkey Visa From Ghana

  1. Visit the Turkey visa application portal –
  2. Fill the online application form appropriately.
  3. Make your visa application payment on the portal.
  4. Once your payment has been approved, you’ll be notified that your e-visa has been sent to you. However, this is not always the case. You only received an email with a button to download it.
  5. Download the visa (in pdf format) straight from the page.
  6. Print out the saved/downloaded pdf document.
  7. OR, applicants can also visit the Turkish Embassy in Ghana to obtain the visa application form.

Cost of Turkey Visa Application

The visa application fee can be made online through the e-visa portal or at the visa application center in Ghana.
The cost of a Turkish visa is dependent on the type of visa, and the duration of the visa.

Note: These rates are liable to change with time and circumstance.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Turkey Visa?

The Turkish visa processing time varies with respect to the category of the visa. The completeness of the documents submitted by the applicant affects the visa processing time. Turkish visit visas take about 8 working days and business visas take about 5 working days. Applicants get notified when the visa processed and approved.

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