Things You Should Know About WAEC Result Checking 2021

We have been getting a lot of enquiries about WAEC result Checking. The WAEC Result can be accessed via the WAEC Ghana result portal. A lot of candidates have been asking a lot of questions with regards to how to get the PIN, scratch card and how many times is a scratch card valid.

WAEC result Checking

With regards to that, this post will seek to address some frequently asked questions about WAEC;

  • What is a WAEC PIN?
  • What is a WAEC Scratch card?
  • Where can I buy a WAEC Scratch card?
  • What is Service Delivery Type?
  • How many times can I check my WAEC results with my Scratch Card?
  • Can I use one Scratch card for more than one WAEC result?
  • What information is available on this service? 

What is a WAEC PIN?

The PIN means Personal Identification Number. In WAECDIRECT, the PIN is a unique 12-digit number that is required to access the service. The service enables candidates to have direct access to their results and also allow requests for result confirmation and verification. The PIN is found on a valid WAECDIRECT Scratch card and is revealed when cover patch on the reverse side of the card is carefully scratched off.

What is a Scratch card?

A scratch card is a plastic card with a scratch patch on the reverse side that conceals a PIN required to access the WAECDIRECT service. The scratch card applicable for the WAECDIRECT service is marked “WAECDIRECT ……Access Card” on the face.

Where can I buy a Scratch card?

A Scratch card may be purchased at the National Office of WAEC and at any of its council offices across Ghana. From time to time it may become available at any other outlets so designated by WAEC. Please click here to go to the outlets page

What Type of Service Do WAECDIRECT Offer?

Service Delivery Type means the type of WAECDIRECT service you wish to use. Three types of services are available namely:
1. Result Checking: This allows candidate to view their results online.
2. Result Confirmation: This allows candidate to request for their results to be sent to them by post.
Result Verification: This allows candidate/organisation/institution to request that their results should be verified and the result of verification sent to them by post.

How many times can I check my results?

You may check your results up to a maximum of 3 (three) times, 1 unit for each use, with 1 (one) scratch card. On the other hand, you can request for result confirmation or result verification once with 1 (one) scratch card i.e. 3 (three) units on the card for a use. In order to check further after exhausting the 3 (three) units, you will need to purchase another scratch card which will entitle you to another 3 (three) units.


Can I use one scratch card to check more than one result?

No! You may only use one scratch card with only one result. To either check, confirm or verify another result of interest, you will require a new scratch card. If you misuse a scratch card by attempting to use it against another result different from the first, you will be penalised as having used the card, and will be presented with the appropriate error message. 

What information is available on this service?

The following information is available on the WAECDIRECT service



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