WAEC BECE Syllabus for JHS 2023 − [All Subjects]

The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) teaching syllabus for junior high school (JHS) for 2024 be accessed on this page.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) teaching syllabus for JHS 2024 contains all the guidelines for the conduct of the WAEC BECE examination. The BECE syllabus is recommended for both teachers and students in the junior secondary school.


WAEC BECE Teaching Syllabus for JHS

These syllabi are your guide for tackling BECE questions and also expose you to nearly everything that you need to know about the subjects. The BECE teaching syllabi are well-organized, specific and detailed. I recommend the syllabus for all private and school candidates who will be participating in the 2024 WAEC BECE exams.

One of the secrets of passing the examination is adequate preparation and understanding of the subject. Poor performance in WAEC BECE is the results of students lack of knowledge of common pitfalls, coupled with inadequate coverage of syllabus.

We also recommend you check this information below before proceeding.

So instead of getting stranded in the examination all, why not prepare well by availing yourself with the necessary materials to excel. So, we’ve compiled the teaching syllabus for the junior secondary school in Ghana.

Some of the subjects include Mathematics, English Language, Integrated Science, Social Studies, French, Physical Education, Information and Communication Technology, Ghanaian Language and Culture and many more.

WAEC BECE Teaching Syllabus for JHS

Click on the link representing the subject you want to access/download the syllabus for Junior High School.

The syllabi above are the latest ones released by the Ghana Education Service (GES). They are for both School Candidates (May/June) and Private Candidates (Jan/Feb & Nov/Dec).

New JHS Syllabus – Common Core Programme Curriculum

If there is/are any subject(s) not included here, drop it/them in the comments section. We will upload it/them here latest 48hrs.

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