Vodafone Recruitment for Digital Systems Manager

Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified candidates for Vodafone Recruitment for Digital Systems Manager. Vodafone Recruitment application deadline is not stated. However, applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.


Role Purpose

The Digital Systems Manager role is a member of the IT Leadership Team and is responsible for leading the organization to design, implement and deliver on the Company’s Digital Strategy.

Additionally the Digital Systems Manager also leads the design and implementation of processes and tools to enable continuous integration and delivery, maximizing the speed and quality of delivery across teams.


This position is responsible for development and operations of the Vodafone Ghana websites, digital applications and platforms, My Vodafone App, video, and social media that drive engaging content, strategic alignment, and brand enhancement.

Key accountabilities and decision ownership:

  • Lead a team that will drive the design, development, and approval of digital applications, platforms, products, and services for Vodafone Ghana
  • Responsible for automating build, release, deployment, and configuration activities
  • Work closely with software, QA, and systems engineers to understand requirements and prototype, architect, implement, operate and update DevOps solutions accordingly.
  • Work with our external vendors, service providers, and partners to deliver appropriate technical solutions in line with the Company’s Digital Strategy
  • Establish a portfolio of DevOps processes, practices, and tools to empower and support delivery teams in continuous deployment, continuous integration, and rapid delivery across value streams
  • Create and implement automation and orchestration tools with infrastructure teams or cloud provides
  • Full responsibility of migration and upgrading to new releases.
  • Ensure availability, scalability, maintainability, monitoring of systems for operations
  • Regular update of technical documentation and the team knowledge base
  • Advise on new technologies and methodologies by becoming an expert in emerging technologies and tools

Core competencies & qualifications: Technical, knowledge and experience:

  • Strong technological background, with qualification in Computer Science, Telecommunications or equivalent
  • Working experience in a DevOps capacity, preferably as a DevOps Engineer
  • Good understanding of operational processes in the Telecom industry
  • Agile and Devops Software development experience
  • Infrastructure automation and configuration management tools, e.g. Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt
  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery methodologies and tools
  • Production-readiness assessment of modules and supporting systems
  • Expertise with at least two or more programming languages (e.g. PHP, Java)
  • Database technologies – RDBMS, e.g. MySQL, PostGreSQL, Oracle and NoSQL e.g. Cassandra, Spark, Redis, Mongo,etc.
  • Virtualization and container technologies, e.g. Windows, Linux, VMWare, Xen, KVM, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Public and private cloud IaaS and PaaS deployment models and technologies, e.g. Openstack, AWS, Azure

Key performance indicators:

  • Deployment frequency: The ability to make code changes quickly and easily to deliver new features quickly to customers, and respond to their behaviour.
  • Speed of deployment: Achieving at least 95% of tasks on time
  • Deployment success rate – 100% success rate
  • Time to Recovery: Services restored within SLA.

How to Apply

Candidates who have met the above criteria should CLICK HERE to apply.


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