University of Ghana Massive Recruitment 2020 [Non-Academic Positions]

The University of Ghana (UG) massive recruitment for non-lecturing positions is currently ongoing.

The vision of University of Ghana is to become a “world class research-intensive university”. The mission of University of Ghana, as defined in its corporate strategic plan, is to create an enabling environment that makes the University increasingly relevant to national and global development through cutting edge research, as well as high quality teaching and learning.

Founded in 1948, University of Ghana is the oldest and largest University in Ghana and is certainly one of the most distinguished universities in Africa.  University of Ghana has a student population of almost 40,000 and employees numbering approximately 6,000, made up of academic and senior administrative employees, as well as other support staff.
We are recruiting to fill the following positions below:

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons who are staff of this University for the following positions in the University:

Internal Auditor

University of Ghana Enterprises Ltd seeks to recruit a hardworking, team player for the position of INTERNAL AUDITOR.

Key Responsibilities and Task:

· Ensure organisation complies with internal regulations and established control protocol

· Reconcile documentation with actual inventory or assets to ascertain accuracy

· Participate in meetings with individuals and departments to update auditees on findings and the audit process

· Prepare reports and preserves documentation pertaining to audits for internal record

· Present summarised findings concerning audit results and trends for internal groups

· Analyse audit results to determine methods for increasing profits and decreasing costs

· Make recommendations on the best ways for a company to reduce waste

· Assesses best financial practices for the organisation and make relevant, informed suggestions

· Keep up to date on audit procedures and regulations.

· Develop audit plans and performs initial and follow-up audits in accordance with professional standards.

· Evaluate audit findings; prepare and present the results of audit work and recommendations to management.

· Any other business assigned by the Board of Directors

Qualification and Skills Required

· Chartered Accountant with Auditing experience

· Good attention to detail

· Good organisation and time-keeping skills

· Ability to assess and evaluate risk, plus implement solutions

· Excellent reporting skills

· Ability to keep calm under pressure, especially when there are tight deadlines

· Ability to think objectively

· Spreadsheet software skills to quantify and illustrate routine financial reports, comparisons, impacts, and/or projections.

· Ability to analyse and solve problems.

· Ability to effectively communicate accounting information, policies, and/or procedures in a manner easily understood by the customer.

· Ability to analyse processes and make recommendations for improvements.

Qualified applicants should send an application letter, CV and copies of relevant certificates to [email protected] on or before Friday 6th November, 2020. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. Successful applicant should be ready to start work on 4th January 2021.

University LibrarianThe University of Ghana, hereby, invites applications from suitably qualified persons for the position University Librarian, to take effect from 1st August, 2021.

REPORTING TO:    Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Student Affairs)


(a)    Must be must be of Professorial status or a person qualified to be appointed as such an academic/research institution or eligible for that position;

(b)    Must have a higher/research degree in Librarianship/Information Studies and at least 15 years relevant post-qualification experience, backed by internationally acknowledged scholarship in Librarianship;

(c)    Must have wide practical experience in all aspects of University Library work; and,

(d)    Must be conversant with ICT and its Library applications


The University Librarian shall:
1.    Under the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Student Affairs), be responsible for the management of all libraries and related information and communication materials and resources of the University.

2.    Manage the libraries and related information, communication materials and resources in accordance with rules and regulations approved by the Academic Board.

3.    Implement or ensure the implementation of decisions of the Library Board approved by the Academic Board.

4.    Be a member of the Academic Board and its Business and Executive Committee.

5.    Provide professional/administrative leadership for the University of Ghana Library System which comprises the Balme Library and its satellite libraries.


The University Librarian shall hold office for at least three years on terms and conditions recommended by the Appointments Board and is eligible for re-appointment for a further term of up to three years.

Position Dean of Graduate Studies

The University of Ghana, hereby, invites applications from suitably qualified persons for the position of Dean of Graduate Studies, to take effect from 1st August, 2021.

REPORTING TO:    Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Student Affairs)

The successful applicant must:

(a)    Normally be a Professor from an academic/research institution.

(b)    Have understanding of the research process with particular focus on graduate students’ progression and ethics in Higher Education Institutions

(c)    Demonstrate an understanding of the quality assurance requirements associated with research and research degrees

(d)    Be committed to building and ensuring a good reputation for the University in all activities related to the Graduate School

(e)    Have demonstrated experience of graduate programme teaching and supervision of PhD and Masters level thesis research

(f)    Have excellent inter-personal skills and the ability to work with a wide range of people.


The Dean of Graduate Studies shall, under the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Student Affairs) be responsible for:

  1. The overall coordination and development of the University of Ghana’s School of Graduate Studies (SGS) and graduate programmes delivery to ensure excellence across all aspects of graduate training at UG.
  2. Oversight, supervision and coordination of the administration and operations of the SGS, including supervision of employees working at that School.
  3. Contributing to the development of University policy in areas affecting postgraduate students and liaising with departments in order to ensure consistency in arrangements supporting postgraduate education throughout the University.
  4. Providing academic and pastoral advice to postgraduate students referred by departments and to deal with issues involving postgraduate student progress and complaints about programmes and units.
  5. Chairing the Board of the School of Graduate Studies and representing the Graduate School in all Quality Assurance and Enhancement matters.
  6. Working with the Board of the School of Graduate Studies and on behalf of the Academic Board:
    a. approve and admit candidates for higher degrees, approve supervisors, course work, thesis areas or titles and appointment of examiners on recommendation from the appropriate College and School Boards;
    b. determine the results of graduate examinations on receipt of examiners’ reports;
    c. request progress reports from supervisors at the end of each academic year;
    d. ensure accreditation of all faculty teaching and supervising graduate programmes to maintain high standards and ensure high quality graduate programme output;
    e. monitor and evaluate  general performance on graduate programme delivery; and
    f. subject to the approval of the Academic Board, undertake any other functions as will promote graduate studies in the University.
  7. Oversight for the general welfare of graduate students.
  8. Promoting the development, diversification and effective delivery of graduate programmes to address emerging national and global issues.
  9. Exploring avenues and taking steps to market UG’s graduate programmes to ensure growth in enrollment towards attainment of the target graduate proportion of total student population in the shortest time possible.
  10. Arranging for orientation and counseling of graduate students with respect to programme and degree requirements to ensure high quality graduate student experience from admission to completion of degree.
  11. Ensuring that policies and procedures are in place to support graduate students’ progression through to successful and timely completion by overseeing and monitoring the policies and procedures of the University in relation to graduate students and enforcing regulations of the University, the relevant collegiate unit(s) and the degree programme.
  12. Ensuring the maintenance of graduate student records and the annual student evaluation processes as well as introduce and maintain robust and effective systems for keeping accurate student records.
  13. Tracking student thesis examination processes to ensure timely determination of results.
  14. Providing periodic reports and data on programmes to the colleges and departments.
  15. Monitoring compliance in relation to institutional arrangements for ensuring research integrity, including key aspects of ethical approvals.
  16. Reporting, recording and monitoring the development of graduate student activity for data records, University committees and appropriate external bodies.
  17. Developing and promoting University-wide training programmes for development of research and research-related capacity for all graduate students and for UG faculty to enhance quality of thesis research supervision.
  18. Facilitating, supporting and initiating fund-raising to ensure adequate funding for graduate student thesis research;
  19. Any other activities related to the role.


The Dean shall hold office for at least three years on terms and conditions recommended by the Appointments Board and is eligible for re-appointment for a further term of up to three years.

Director, Academic Affairs

The University of Ghana, hereby, re-opens the advert to invite applications from suitably qualified persons for the senior level administrative position of Director, Academic Affairs, to take effect from 1st August, 2021.

REPORTING TO:    Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Student Affairs)

Job Role and Responsibilities

  1. Under the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic and Student Affairs), the Director of Academic Affairs shall be responsible for the implementation of the academic policy of the University.
  2. The Director of Academic Affairs shall be responsible for:
    (a)   the preparation and implementation of teaching and examination schedules;
    (b)   the processing of admission applications including advertisements for such applications;
    (c)   the allocation of lecture rooms and examination centres as well as other logistical matters relating to the academic agenda of the University;
    (d)   making physical arrangements for all academic functions of the University;
    (e)   the maintenance of academic facilities and the supervision of maintenance employees;
    (f)    the preparation and issuance of statements of examination results, transcripts and certificates;
    (g)   the preparation and publication of academic materials, including the Handbook of Regulations for Courses of Study for Junior Members, in consultation with the Legal Counsel and the Director of Public Affairs; and
    (h)   the discharge of any other assignments that the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic and Student Affairs) shall deem necessary.
    (3)   the Director of Academic Affairs shall be responsible for coordinating the dealings of the University with all affiliated institutions.


  1. A Candidate must have a good first degree as well as an advanced Degree in a relevant field, with not less than 10 years’ cumulative, progressively responsible experience at management level in an institution of higher education.
  2. In addition, the applicant must have:
    (a)    Considerable strategic, interpersonal and collegial skills that will enable him/her to function within the Higher Education Sector;
    (b)    Good business sense with a deep understanding and appreciation of the strategic and operational issues in top-level University management and administration;
    (c)    High-level analytical skills and demonstrable evidence of competence and leadership.
Director of Public Affairs

The University of Ghana, hereby, invites applications from suitably qualified persons for the Senior Level Administrative position listed below, to take effect from 1st August, 2021.

REPORTING TO:    Registrar


The Public Affairs Directorate falls under the Central Administration and is primarily responsible for planning, organizing and managing programmes and activities which enhance the flow of Communication between the University and its Publics. Its functions cover the following main areas:

  • Alumni Affairs
  • University Publications
  • Community relations
  • University events management
  • Relations with the media
  • Protocol and official travel arrangements


Reporting to the Registrar, the Director of Public Affairs Directorate shall be responsible for cultivating, coordinating and maintaining the University’s relations with its publics, including the media. These responsibilities include:
a)    Overseeing University functions and events including Congregation and inaugural, inter-faculty and valedictory lectures;
b)    Receiving guests and visitors of the University and providing the necessary courtesies;
c)    Regulating and controlling the putting up of notices, posters, and banners on University premises;
d)    The maintenance of relations with the Alumni of the University;
e)    The production of University publications;
f)     Undertaking information gathering and analysis, perception studies and the identification of various groups of the general population;
g)    Dealing with the media in matters affecting the University; and,
h)    Discharging any other assignments that the Registrar shall deem necessary;


Applicants must have:
a)    A good first Degree and a second Degree or equivalent qualification in Public Relations, Communications, Journalism or related fields;
b)    At least 10 (ten) years’ cumulative, progressively responsible experience in a field relevant to Public Affairs at management level;
c)    Considerable strategic, interpersonal and collegial skills that will enable him/her to function within the Higher Education Sector;
d)    Good business sense with a deep understanding and appreciation of the strategic and operational issues in top-level University management and administration; and,
e)    High-level analytical skills and demonstrable evidence of competence and leadership.
f)     Membership of a relevant professional association is an advantage.

Chief Information Technology Officer

The University of Ghana, hereby, invites applications from suitably qualified persons for the position of Chief Information Technology Officer/Director, Information Technology to take effect from 1st August, 2021.

REPORTING TO: Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research Innovation and Development


The Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO) will be responsible for coordinating with stakeholders, formulation and implementation of the University’s IT strategy and ensure that all systems necessary to support the operations and objectives of the IT strategies of the university are in place. The person must have strong technical, administrative and managerial backgrounds to oversee operations and motivate a team of IT managers and staff under the directorate. The CITO must be able to develop and implement new IT systems and policies to support the University’s operations of teaching and learning and research within the limits of the budget and strategic priorities of the University.


Strategic Management & Administration

•    Provide strategic and tactical planning, development, evaluation, and coordination of the information and technology systems for the University including all its Colleges, campuses and Regional Learning Centres.
•    Accountable for the management of multiple information and communications systems and projects and ensure the continuous delivery and operation of integrated systems to support teaching, learning, research and administrative information systems.
•    Responsible for coordination, facilitation, and consultation with all University management staff on information and communications technology and business systems initiatives.
•    Proactively liaise with other members of University’s senior management teams at the central administration and at college level in developing and executing strategic plans to optimize the use of information technology in support of teaching, learning, research and administrative activities of the University.
•    Participate in policy and decision making at executive management level regarding resource allocation and future direction and control of proposed information systems.
•    Provide oversight responsibilities for the development of policies, programmes and schedules including privacy and security oversight for academic, administrative and financial information processing and computer services to meet the University of Ghana’s goals and objectives.
•    Develop, direct and manage all computing and information technology strategic plans of the University.
•    Advise Senior Management of the University on strategic systems conversions and integration in support of institutional goals and objectives and oversee to the development of the University’s technology investments.
•    Oversee to the design and facilitate integration of sound IT architecture, technology and standards, and best practices for the University of Ghana.
•    Ensure the identification and installation of appropriate IT infrastructure and services to support administrative functions and enhance teaching, learning and research.
•    Interact with senior decision makers on internal and external operations that are impacted by the capture, storage, processing and dissemination of information.
•    Develop, coordinate, guide and maintain strategic IT systems and operational plans in support of the overall University mission and strategy.  These plans will define a vision for meeting current and future information and technology needs for the University, while ensuring alignment and integration of IT with the overall mission and values of the University.
•    Develop and maintain enterprise systems architecture, define standards and protocols for data exchange, software, and interconnectivity of network information systems.
•    Participate as an integral member in the strategic planning process of the University.


•    Provide advice on evaluation, selection, implementation and maintenance of information systems, ensure appropriate investment in strategic and operational systems.
•    Lead the effort to negotiate all IT acquisition contracts, solicit involvement and participation of other management team members as appropriate.
•    Provide responsive advice, counsel, education and service to the University concerning IT issues and trends in the IT industry.
•    Communicate IT plans, policies and technology trends throughout the organization, including management groups and professional staff.
•    Determine pertinent information required by management in making effective decisions and ensure that the gathering, processing, distribution and use of this information occurs in a timely, accurate and cost-effective manner through on-going review and education programmes at executive, management and user levels.
•    Promote and oversee relationships between the University’s IT resources and external entities (e.g. government, vendors, researchers, auditors, and other organizations).
•    Approve, coordinate, and control all projects related to selection, acquisition, development, and installation of major information systems for the University.
•    Develop and maintain corporate IT policies and standards relating to the acquisition, implementation, and operation of information and communication technology systems.
•    Negotiate IT service level agreements with user organizations and monitor IT systems performance to assure service levels are being met.
•    Research and evaluate alternatives for the enhancement or re-engineering of IT systems required to support activities of the University.
•    Develop, coordinate and manage the incorporation of enhancements to and re-engineering of University systems, in keeping with the needs and objectives of the University.
•    Provide quality service to end users in needs analysis, solution recommendation, vendor selection, implementation, training, and post-installation support.
•    Ensure that enterprise information systems operate according to internal standards, external regulatory standards, and legal requirements.
•    Develop and enforce policy and procedures to ensure the protection of the University’s IT assets and the integrity, security and privacy of information maintained by the University.
•    Develop and maintain a University-wide business recovery plan to ensure timely and effective restoration of IT services in the event of a disaster.

People Management

•    Play an active role in the recruitment, development, motivation and retention of staff of the University of Ghana Computing Systems. This shall be accomplished through the consistent practice of sound human resource management concepts, thereby achieving teamwork, employee security, mutual respect, maintenance of the highest level of professionalism and a stake in the University’s success.
•    Ensure that appropriate training programmes are in place to attract, retain and develop the key personnel required to support information services.
Financial Management
•    Develop and maintain the annual operating and capital budgets for University information and technology systems operations. Responsible for monitoring IT activities and costs as related to the overall utilization of resources required to meet operational requirements.
•    Maintain contact with IT suppliers and maintain knowledge of current technology, equipment, prices and terms of agreements to optimize the investment required to meet established service levels.  Evaluate alternatives, perform appropriate cost benefit analysis, and recommend solutions that minimize costs commensurate with acceptable risks.
•    Review the University’s hardware and software acquisition and maintenance contracts, solicit involvement and participation of other management team members as appropriate. Develop, where appropriate, proposals for the purchasing or leasing of hardware, software, maintenance and telecommunication services to ensure continuous functionality of the University’s IT systems.


The applicant must have:
a)    A good first degree and a Masters’ Degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Electronic Engineering or a related field.
b)    Qualification in Management Information Systems, Business Management and/ Administration from an accredited and recognised institution.
c)    A minimum of ten (10) years progressive experience in administration and management role or executive leadership position with emphasis on prior experience leading an enterprise-wide system implementation and can demonstrate experience in collaborating with corporate subsidiaries, divisions and departments.
d)    Professional certification in ITSM, PMP, CISSP, CGEIT or chartered engineer, or related field.

Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes

•    An accomplished relationship builder, with strategic thinking capabilities and the ability to solve complex problems.
•    Effective leadership skills with expertise in the areas of interpersonal relations, planning, collaboration and issue analysis.
•    Working knowledge of technologies and tools, enterprise systems and their applications; network systems and applications; relational data base systems, and application software and integration.
•    Understanding of business processes and operations, college-level academic environment and the possibilities and limits of technologies.
•    Working knowledge of systems security and audit.
•    Working knowledge of grants and contracts, budgeting, resource management processes, operational effectiveness principles and decision-making tools.
•    Excellent project management skills.
•    Ability to communicate well with stakeholders at all levels.
•    Excellent planning, organising and presentation skills.
•    Ability to lead and work as part of a team, be solution orientated, proactive and motivated with good time management skills.
•    Excellent people management skills (coaching, mentoring, performance management).
•    Demonstrated ability to create an environment that provides constituent-centered technology services and support.
•    Strong written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
•    Ability to effectively communicate in business terms, articulate measurable business outcomes, motivate people and handle leadership challenges professionally.


The person appointed as Chief Information Technology Officer/Director of Information Technology shall hold office for a period of four years and is eligible for re-appointment, subject to the usual terms and conditions of employment

Director of Academic Quality Assurance

The University of Ghana, hereby, invites applications from suitably qualified persons for the senior level administrative position listed below, to take effect from 1st August, 2021.

POSITION:        Director, Academic Quality Assurance Unit

REPORTING TO:    A Pro Vice-Chancellor

Job Summary
Reporting to a Pro Vice-Chancellor, the successful applicant should provide leadership, advice and expertise on academic quality assurance policies and procedures thereby ensuring a responsive and high quality service to both internal and external stakeholders.

The successful applicant shall:
1.    Advise the University and its Committees on Academic Quality Assurance matters and the determination and maintenance of acceptable levels of academic standards with respect to teaching, learning and research;
2.    Supervise the conduct of evaluation of courses and lecturers by students, annual exit surveys of graduating classes and employer/tracer surveys;
3.    Oversee the preparation of quality audits, quality assurance reviews, staff training and staff development plans;
4.    Initiate the training of newly appointed Lecturers on teaching methodology and assessment of students;
5.    Be responsible for the training and orientation of newly appointed Heads of Department, Deans and other office holders of the University;
6.    Formulate and bring into force varied research quality and control procedures of the surveys that are conducted under the mandate of the Unit.


1.    The successful applicant must:
(a)    Be of professorial status from an academic/research institution or a person from industry eligible for that position.

(b)    Be capable of providing academic leadership especially in the area of academic quality assurance.

(c)    Provide evidence of managerial and administrative leadership and capacity to promote a collegial working environment in the University.

2.    Required Knowledge, Ability and Skills

(a)    Substantial experience at a senior level of quality assurance in higher education, including its application to international collaborative developments and arrangements.
(b)    Experience of managing internal audits and implementation of Regulatory Bodies Quality Codes and other Quality Assurance guidelines and policies.
(c)    Proven successful experience of making high level decisions and recommendations to senior management on quality assurance matters.
(d)    High level understanding of the implications of higher education policy in the context of quality assurance procedures and processes, as well as previous experience of translating strategies into operational policies and procedures.


The successful applicant shall hold office for at least three years on terms and conditions recommended by the Appointments Board and is eligible for re-appointment for a further term of up to three years.

Director of Institutional Advancement

The University of Ghana invites applications from suitably qualified persons for the Senior Level Administrative position of Director of Institutional Advancement.

REPORTING TO:     Vice-Chancellor

Job Role

The University of Ghana (UG) Office for Institutional Advancement (OIA) has responsibility for developing and enhancing UG’s relations with alumni, industry and the business community, as well as profiling and marketing UG. The OIA also has responsibility for developing strategies to enhance UG’s access to resources and for setting and monitoring annual fundraising targets. The OIA will incorporate the current UG Alumni Office, a UG Marketing and Communications Office, a UG Major Donor Fundraising Office and any other offices/desks to be created to ensure effectiveness of the OIA.
Working in close consultation with the Vice-Chancellor and the University Senior Management Team, the Director has the primary responsibility to develop and implement strategies that advance and enhance UG’s ability to source significant and continued funding for delivering on its mission.

Specific Responsibilities

The successful applicant will be required to:

  • Develop and coordinate the implementation of an overall UG fundraising strategy;
  • Support College Provosts to develop and implement College fundraising strategies;
  • Set annual fundraising targets for the OIA and put in place a system for monitoring and evaluating performance of the office in delivering against it targets;
  • Develop business strategies to support implementation of the UG Strategic Plans and provide input for development of future strategic plans;
  • Develop, with the support of UG Computer Systems, a webpage that would provide information on OIA, give options for e-donations to be made and present a suite of opportunities for donors to contribute to the advancement of the University;
  • Develop and implement strategies for improvement of UG-Alumni relations with the aim of maximizing alumni support (financial or in-kind) to UG;
  • Develop and maintain a database of alumni of UG and ensure regular contact with and updating of alumni on relevant developments at UG;
  • Working in close consultation with the Public Affairs Directorate and other relevant Academic and Administrative Units of the University, develop a set of materials (e.g. brochures, fliers) to profile and market UG;
  • Develop strategies for maximizing donor support to UG; this will include development and active management of a database of UG’s major donors and potential major donors;
  • Solicit cultivate and manage major donor and philanthropy relations and proactively seek and develop contacts with major donors, creating avenues of access for UG Senior Management and other office bearers for targeted fund-raising to support research and special projects;
  • Ensure that all office bearers (from Senior Management to Head of Department level) receive relevant training in fundraising, including ethical issues such as conflict of interest;
  • Any other duties assigned by the Vice Chancellor


  1. A good first degree with a second degree in a relevant area is preferred.
  2. Candidates should present a record of a minimum of 10 years’ experience in a relevant position.
  3. Responsibility in institutional advancement employment with evidence of increasing responsibility and success in national or international environments is required.  This should include work on annual funds, major gifts, work with foundations, design of capital campaigns and participation in professional societies for institutional advancement.
  4. wareness of cultural conditions that influence philanthropy in an African setting is preferred.
Director, Careers and Counselling Centre

The University of Ghana, hereby invites applications from suitably qualified persons for the Senior Level Administrative position listed below, to take effect from 1st August, 2021.

REPORTING TO:    Registrar


The University of Ghana Careers and Counselling Centre was set up in November 1970 as the Career Advice Centre with the mission to assist students in formulating and achieving personal, education and career goals. With time, the Centre’s increasing role in counselling called for a name change to the Counselling and Placement Centre in 1977. The name was changed again in 2016 to Careers and Counselling Centre to reflect the all-encompassing role of the Centre.


The Director of the Centre is responsible for providing leadership in the area of counseling and career advisory services in the University and for maintaining and promoting the efficiency and good order in accordance with the policies and procedures prescribed by the University Act and Statutes, or as may be determined by the Council, the Academic Board and the Advisory Board of the Centre.
The Director is to ensure that the approved programmes and functions of the Centre are duly carried out by members of the Centre.
The Director is also responsible for the general administration of the Centre in respect of human, financial and material resources within the general framework of University policy.


  1. The candidate should possess a good first Degree and a Master’s Degree in a relevant field, with a minimum of 10 years relevant working experience at management level. Membership of a relevant professional association may be required
  2. In addition, the applicant must have:
    a)     Considerable strategic, interpersonal and collegial skills that will enable him/her to function within the Higher Education Sector;
    b)     Good business sense with a deep understanding and appreciation of the strategic and operational issues in top-level University management and administration;
    c)     High level analytical skills and demonstrable evidence of competence and leadership
    d)    Considerable experience in dealing with students at the tertiary level


An applicant is required to submit the complete application pack to the Registrar, University of Ghana, P. O. Box LG 25, Legon, Accra, Ghana (Hardcopy) or [email protected] (Soft Copy).

The application pack should contain the following:
i.    Completed application form for Senior Level Administrative Positions (UAB Form 1C) to be downloaded from the University’s website at

ii.    An up to date Curriculum Vitae and copies of relevant academic and/or professional certificates.

iii.    A statement of about 2,500 words (not more than five pages) indicating how one intends to use the period in office to address relevant issues that will ensure that the University achieves its mission and vision.  The UG strategic plan can be downloaded at:

Further information about the University of Ghana may be found on the university website at

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.


Applications should reach the Registrar not later than the close of day on Monday, 23rd November, 2020.

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