UENR 1st Alumni Annual Congress (UAAC18) Schedule 2018

The University of Energy and Natural Resources, UENR    1st Alumni Annual Congress (UAAC18) Schedule 2018 has been released.

UENR    1st Alumni Annual Congress (UAAC18) Schedule


THEME: Out skirting the limits of Higher Education: A step in the transformational development

Date: 12th – 16th September, 2018

GOAL: To build a strong force that can be used as a tool to outskirt limits of the UENR as a higher learning institution through stakeholder interactions.


  1. To mobilize UENR Alumni for a strong front.
  2. To engage stakeholders on strategies in out skirting the limits of higher education.
  3. To empower the Alumni with the requisite social capacity in order to be able contribute to the transformational development of the country.


The meeting will bother on the following key activities:

  • Launch
  • Electoral Process
  • Special meetings
  • Launch of innovation fund
  • Awards Night
  • Church meeting with undergraduates
  • Outreach Conference with SHS students


The congress will be the starting point of building a strong base for the university’s alumni and to serve as an interaction platform to engage both the alumni and the university committee in meting out steps to surmount challenges that come with higher education.


The main participants of this congress will be the first two batches of graduates that have passed out of this institution and the third batch that would be graduates or due to graduate in the period and the Honorary members of the association. The UAAC18, however, is opened to the general public, especially the members of the UENR: staff, students and the alumni.

Senior High school students’ participation will be precedented, especially in an outreach conference that would be held as part of this event.


  • Strong alumni front to spearhead development of the UENR
  • Strong collaboration among membership and between the university community and the alumni
  • Massive awareness of the UENR and the packages that senior high students can take advantage of
  • Ignited passion in undergraduates to want to do more in the areas of innovation
  • New set of leaders that will lead the association for the proceeding three years


You can find more information here. You can reach us through Facebook, twitter and

Instagram on: UAAC18.

Follow ups can be done through:

Ag. Global Chairman

UENR Alumni

P.O. Box 214





University Relations Office:

[email protected]


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