UDS Ghana Inclusive Development Research Network – Call For Research Proposals

UDS Ghana Inclusive Development Research Network – Call For Research Proposals.


In recent years, Ghana has experienced positive economic growth and a reduction in poverty to achieve the first MDG target. However, the Ghana Poverty and Inequality Report shows that 1 in 4 people in Ghana remain trapped in poverty, and inequality is now at its highest level ever. While policy and civil society commitments to reduce inequality have increased in Ghana over the last year or two, the participation of academia in this important national dialogue could be enhanced. The new Ghana Inclusive Development Research Network (GIDRN), hosted jointly by the University of Development Studies and UNICEF Ghana, aims to provide a multi-faceted platform for local researchers to increase their provision and impact of quality research on inclusive development through improved research capacity, networking, and policy engagement. It will offer an important opportunity for successful research teams to add to national evidence base on inclusive development; benefit from mentoring, training and networking on similar research; and to be connected into the policy dialogue on the challenge of promoting inclusive development. We are currently accepting applications from research teams to join the research network.


Applications must be:

  • From groups of 2-4 researchers, formed into a team, affiliated with any research organisation(s) or academic body.
  • At least the lead researcher must be from a Ghanaian organisation; and each team should aim to comprise at least one female researcher with proven track record;
  • All team members must be graduates from economics, policy analysis or related programmes. At least one researcher must hold or be studying for a PhD. At least one team member must have published research.
  • All research team members must either be Ghanaian or less than half of team members may be non-Ghanaian but residing in Ghana;
  • Each team must designate a lead member. Qualified teams with female Ghanaian lead members with proven track record will be prioritised in selection.

Research areas to address:

  1. Inequity: Lessons learned and/or drivers affecting inequity (income and/or non-income) in Ghana;
  2. Poverty: Lessons learned and/or drivers in reducing poverty in Ghana; promoting growth for the poorest in Ghana; promoting inclusive development;
  3. Child poverty: Lessons learned and/or drivers in reducing child poverty (income and/or nonincome) in Ghana;
  4. Social Protection: Relationship between social protection in reducing poverty and/or inequality. Methodologies should include a range of quantitative and qualitative tools and methods. Use of mixed methods are encouraged.

Successful teams will benefit from small research grants (of 4,000 USD) per team, plus membership of the GIDRN, access to online training, two mentors, participation in 2 research conferences, connection to policy-makers, media exposure, and support for publication.




Applications should be received by midnight Thursday 19th October 2017. All applications can only be received if submitted using the Submission form available for download at:  here and https://www.unicef.org/ghana/

Proposals must be submitted in the submission form available for download at: here and https://www.unicef.org/ghana/


All forms should be sent to [email protected] by midnight October 19th 2017.


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