UCC Sandwich Admission List 2021/2022

UCC Sandwich Admission List | The University Of Cape Coast (UCC) sandwich admission list has been released for the 2021/2022 academic session.

UCC Sandwich Admission List

The management of the University Of Cape Coast (UCC) has released the names of successful applicants offered provisional admission in various sandwich undergraduate degree programmes in the institution for the 2021/2022 academic session.


http://admissionlist.ucc.edu.gh/online_letters/admList.php Admission list is simply the names of successfully admitted/shortlisted applicants offered provisional admission into an institution. Admission lists are usually released by institutions after the conduct of admission screening exercise.

Any students/applicant who has any challenges relating to admission letters, registration numbers and accessing the students’ portal should contact these numbers for assistance:



Calls should be between 8:00a.m. – 4:30p.m. GMT from Mondays to Fridays.


UCC sandwich admission list is successfully uploaded online, to check your admission status follow the below lead from:-

  • Vist the UCC Admission List Portal: http://admissionlist.ucc.edu.gh/online_letters/admList.php
  • You can search using first name only, surname only, programme only, OR a combination of any of them.
  • You will need your applicant reference number in order to print your letter.
  • If you applied as a mature student, please use your index number given during the entrance examination.

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What next after the admissions? Find out here University of Cape Coast Freshers Information | After Checking Admission Status.

Applicants who gain admission are expected to receive text messages on the phone number provided during completion of the online application form. In case you have not received a text, use the link above.

SEE ALSO: UCC Re-opening Date for Freshers.


Applicants who have forgotten their application reference numbers should check the e-mail account for a copy of the application forms which have the reference numbers on them.


Congratulations if your name is among the successful candidates in the admission lists of the University Of Cape Coast (UCC).

If your name shortlisted, you can proceed to obtain your UCC Admission Letter.


  1. Please i have not received any message after paying my fees’ i am even confused, dont even know what to do now

  2. Please I’m Frimpong Afia Tutu. I applied for the five semester sandwich program and chose social studies as my program but haven’t received my admission yet. But I learnt the admission list is out. Kindly check my admission for me, waiting to hear from you.

  3. I have applied for an MA program Sandwich option but still not had the message for admission.
    Please rescue me.

  4. I have received a text message to print out my admission letter by using the reference number given but till today all effort to do so have proven unsuccessful.

  5. Please I received a message from the Bank but did not receive the one from UCC. But my name is in the admission list. Now I can’t print the admission letter because of the reference number. Kindly resend it to me

  6. Please I want to know if the online classes are ongoing. I have not been able to register my courses and take part of the class too, please I need help. Thank you.

  7. I have been given a text massage to print my admission letter but if i enter the reference number given to the feedback i always had is we could not verify your reference number. please help

  8. I got Admission into Sandwich ucc program,they text me thtough my massage box with my reference number but when I log in I couldn’t see my name

  9. I am still having challenges with the default password for the institutional email and no response from several emails sent, also numbers provided for enquiries are inactive, due to this I can’t join the online class which started yesterday. Please help me out. Thanks.

  10. Having problems activating my institutional email to log into the e-learning portal. I’ve sent email to the directorate but no reply and the numbers given are also switched off. Please get back to me. Thanks

  11. I have not received any confirmation text for my application and I cant find my name in the admission list…I applied using the Google form n also did the verification.What can I do

  12. Please my name is in the ucc one year top up for DBE but I can’t print my admission letter because no SMS alert pls what should I do

  13. Please, Is there any update on text messages from Institute of Education for the registration of courses and online learning. I have not received my yet.

  14. I am Zianovi Degenu, I have not received any message after paying my admission fees, and more over I am not hearing any information too about the online teaching and learning.
    When will I get my student Identification number?

  15. Am Nyarko Daniel, please I have paid for my fees but update I have not received any identification number and password to enable me do the online registration of course.
    Secondly, I want to know whether we are going to campus or not.

  16. Please,I am JABAAB BIGRUYII FRANCIS.I have paid my fees but did not receive my student ID number and password for the registration of my courses online.My study center is Tamale College of Education

  17. Good morning pls I applied for social studies in Presbyterian College of Educationducation and I was given social studies in Tamale College of Education pls can the center be change for me before I pay the fees thanks.

  18. Please I applied for information technology B.ed I have not receive admission message. Is ucc done with sand which admission list

  19. Am Daniel Nyarko and I applied for post wassce with diploma in Bed. Accounting but I can’t find it on the list so kindly help me out

    • Please am also Emmanuel Opoku Junior, In also applied for post wassce with diploma in Bed Accounting but I can’t find it on the program list .
      Please I need your assistant .
      Thank you

  20. Please i did not see sandwich B.E.D. (social studies)post wassce with diploma on the program list . Please when is it coming out

  21. Please, I Comfort Mensah applied for Post Diploma in Education but my name is not in the admission list and haven’t received any message

  22. Plse I did not see sandwich bachelor of education post wassce with diploma (accounting) on the admission list 2020/2021.Is it that it’s not out or what? If it is not out yet I want to know when it will be out.

  23. Pls I apply Sandwich Bachelor of Education (Management) with my Wassec and my Diploma in Basic Education I have not received any text messages or email

    • Pls I apply Sandwich Bachelor of Education (Management) with my Wassec and my Diploma in Basic Education I have not received any text messages or email

    • Manlokiya Zacchaeus , please I apply sandwich bachelor of education (Management)with my Wassce and diploma I have not received any email or text massage in my phone.

  24. please when is B ED mathematics admissions list for 2019/2020 coming out because I can only see Basic education only

    • Please, I Comfort Mensah applied for Post Diploma in Education but my name is not in the admission list and haven’t received any message.

  25. please l want to know when the degree adimission for sandwich will come ,at college of agric kwadaso campus

  26. Please when B. E. D Mathematics (Sandwich mode) for five semesters admission list will out. Please have seen only Basic Education own. Please and please

  27. Please when the B. E. E Mathematics (Sandwich) admission will be out and the fees. Please we are close to vacation please

  28. Please i made a mistake on my application form,college attended,and class was not inserted .how can i correct it?

  29. Please some of my friends are saying they have received their admission letter but I have not received mine so please what should I do (I applied for diploma in early Childhood education sandwich)

  30. Pls I can’t find the Course I applied for in the list of courses ( M.ed Maths Education) and therefore I cant find my name. Pls what should I do?

  31. Please it’s 10 days past the closing date for application for post diploma sandwich,,, can I still buy the form and apply?

  32. please I learning my college are reporting fora the sanwhic post diploma program. but I did recevied and message for now I want to known my fainth oooo

  33. I have been given a wrong program. That’s instead of Food and nutrition, I was given clothing and textiles

  34. Today is Monday and yet ucc has done nothing about our letters we are only relying on our destiny can ucc give us a distinct direction to this effect

    • Please i did not see sandwich B.E.D. (social studies)post wassce with diploma on the program list . Please when is it coming out

  35. Pls I’ve not received any message and none of my detail matched the records in the admission list portal
    But I checked from your office with my application reference number to confirm that I’ve been admitted. What can the problem be.

  36. pls it’s left with just a week to report and we’ve still not received any notification on how to print our admission letters online. Nonetheless, we want to access the list too to confirm our admission into the 2018/19 post Wassce with diploma sandwich programme. please help us in this regard to be able to follow due process at our work places. Thank you.

  37. Please I want to know when will the BSc in social sciences in Sandwich admission list be out with its prospective letters.

  38. please i need an update when will the ucc release admission list for waec / diploma degree programme 2018-2019 sandwich

  39. ucc, hmm, don’t know what to say. We want to hear something from you concerning our admissions.post wassce with diploma sandwich

  40. please we need an information from you; UCC. we are confused as at now because we are left with just two wks to vacate and we don’t know our stand as at now. please update us on post diploma sandwich degree program. please.

    • Please I’ve not received any message till now Concerning the sandwich post diploma program 2018.i want to know whether admission is over or there are still to come list


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