Tree Crops Development Authority Recruitment 2021

Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified candidates for Tree Crops Development Authority Recruitment 2021.

Tree Crops Development Authority is a reputable firm in Ghana.

We are recruiting to fill the following positions below:


Job Title: Assistant Procurement Manager


To provide supervision and coordination of all procurement activities for TCDA


  1. Implement the procurement policies of TCDA by ensuring the purchase of materials, equipment, spares, and other consumables and services at the optimum combination of quality, price, delivery, and services.
  2. Collate all requisitions-offshore purchases requisition/local purchase requisition from user departments and Zonal Offices
  3. Confer with Departments and Zonal Offices regarding requirements, specifications, quantities, and quality of goods and services and delivery requirements
  4. Establish letters of credit with Banks and complete the exchange control forms AI and AII for processing and fulfil the current auction formalities
  5. Organize and control the clearance and forwarding of imported goods to effect prompt and speedy delivery to the various users
  6. Prepare and submit monthly report on the activities of the unit to management
  7. Interview suppliers and their representatives personally and maintain close contact by correspondence, telephone and visits
  8. Implement measures to avoid irregular dealings in connection with procurement to adhere to purchasing code of ethics
  9. Perform any other duties that may be assigned by CFO or management.


  1. supervise immediate subordinates to ensure that time, quality and other set standards are adhered to
  2. interpret conditions of service to and handle problems of immediate subordinates and (where necessary) consult with appropriate departments
  3. Appraise the performance of immediate subordinates and review those for lower level subordinates
  4. Identify the training needs of immediate subordinates and organize or recommend appropriate training for them
  5. Administer disciplinary measures to immediate subordinates in accordance with TCDA’s disciplinary code and procedure


Maintains contact with Customs, Excise and Preventive Service, Environmental Protection Agency, Inspection Agencies, Ministry of Trade, etc.


  1. Masters Degree in Procurement management or Purchasing and Supply or equivalent
  2. A minimum of five (5)years post qualification experience
  3. Three (3) years satisfactory service as a Procurement Officer
  4. Member of a Recognized Professional Body
  5. Extensive Knowledge of the procurement laws in Ghana

How to Apply

Interested applicants should CLICK HERE to apply.

Job Title: Assistant Public Relations Manager

To coordinate the communication between TCDA and industry actors as well as the general public.

  1. Design, develop and implement innovative and proactive public relations strategies and programmes to support the achievement of TCDA goals and objectives
  2. Develop and ensure the implementation of strategies for maintaining good relations with the Authority’s operators
  3. Advise management on all media and communication matters
  4. Coordinate and supervise the preparation of reports, house journals and handbooks on the Authority
  5. Coordinate and supervise the execution of fairs, events, exhibitions, press conferences, national events such as farmers day, speaking engagements, durbars and meetings
  6. Draft speeches, press releases and advertisements
  7. Receive and brief important guests on the functions and operations of the authority
  8. Coordinate special campaign programmes as designed and approved by management
  9. Coordinate and Supervise protocol functions
  10. Perform any other duties assigned by management

Maintains contact with media, government and other state institutions, international community and other relevant institutions as may be directed by management


  1. Masters Degree in Public Relations or an equivalent programme
  2. A minimum of seven (7) years post qualification experience OR
  3. A Postgraduate certificate in the specialized field with at least 10 years post – qualification experience
  4. Three (3) years satisfactory service as a Public Relations Officer
  5. Membership of a Recognized Professional Body will be an added advantage
  6. Extensive Knowledge of the Right to Information laws of Ghana

How to Apply

Interested applicants should CLICK HERE to apply.

Job Title: Assistant Manager, office of the CEO

Provide administrative and technical support to the Chief Executive Officer.


  1. Collect and collate management information for policy formulation and implementation and job assignments to Departments/ Divisions/ Subsidiaries of the Authority
  2. Read and summarise bulky documents/reports for the CEO
  3. Offer technical advice/comments on various issues to help the CEO in decision making
  4. Draft speeches / memoranda / letters
  5. Attend to official visitors
  6. Liaise between the CEO and Heads of other Government Institutions/Agencies.
  7. Provide secretarial services to the TCDA Board of Directors


Master’s degree in Economics/Social Science or equivalent with a minimum of five (5) years post-qualification working experience.

Three (3) years satisfactory service as an Administrator

How to Apply

Interested applicants should CLICK HERE to apply.

Job Title: Tree Crop Value Chain Specialists

Serves as the technical coordinator for all TCDA activities and programmes in the specified value chain

Duties and responsibilities

  1. Facilitate the registration of all value chain actors and formalize their operations in accordance with ACT 1010
  2. Provide technical support for the formation of CBOs, FBOs and associations or producer groups in different enterprises along the value chain
  3. Coordinate the establishment of the national umbrella bodies for all the six(6) mandated commodities under the TCDA
  4. Conduct value chain assessments and determine appropriate interventions to enhance agricultural productivity and market access
  5. Coordinate and collaborate with relevant projects and partners including private businesses and individuals, Development Partners, CBOs and NGOs working on related actions to leverage project resources, avoid duplication of efforts and ensure complementarities.
  6. Provide up to date information on all activities along the specified commodity value chain
  7. Facilitate the transparent processes of representation of the specified value chain into the TCDA Board
  8. Provide technical guidance and capacity building trainings for the specific Value Chain actors
  9. Prepare detail annual work plans and progress reports on assigned value chain component.
  10. Coordinate the development of commodity grades and standards and implementation of the commodity protocols thereof
  11. Coordinate the production and distribution of certified planting materials
  12. Lead the development of concept note and project proposals most especially on crop diversification, farmer livelihood supports, value chain development and marketing initiatives.
  13. Conduct value chain assessment to identify gaps and develop recommendations on how to improve the selected value chains and maximize the impact.
  14. Manage assigned staff and perform other duties as assigned

Minimum Qualification Requirements

  1. Master’s degree in agriculture, agriculture administration, agribusiness development or related field from an accredited academic institution
  2. At least seven (7) years of relevant experience in the management of activities in the specific value chain
  3. Excellent communication skills, especially written communication and group facilitation skills
  4. Proficient in the use of MS Word, Excel, Access, Power-point, and internet communication.
  5. Must be able to communicate fluently in at least two (2) local languages
  6. Membership in a related professional body is an advantage

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