List of Courses Offered at Sunyani Technical University

List of Courses Offered in Sunyani Technical University | Sunyani Technical University Courses and other programmes available in the University.Sunyani Technical University Courses

This is the full list of accredited courses on offer at Sunyani Technical University (STU). These courses are aligned based on their colleges. See all the list of degree courses offered in STU below.



List of Sunyani Technical University Courses

Below is the list of courses offered in Sunyani Technical University

Faculty of Business and Management Studies

The School of Business and Management  is comprised of five Departments:


Faculty of Built and Natural Environment

The school of Built and Natural Environment is comprised of three Departments:

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

The School of Engineering is comprised of four Departments:


Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology

The School of Applied Sciences and Technology is comprised of four Departments:




  1. Please I’m holding DBE and I want to be a plumber which course do I have to applied for mad for how long will it take me to complete

  2. Please can I offer (HND) Information Communication and Technology or Accounting with computing with the below grades
    English C5
    Social C5
    Science E8
    Mathamatics B3
    Geography D7
    Economics C6
    Government D7
    E- Maths F9

  3. Pls I had c4 in core maths , D7 in English, c4 in social studies, c4 in science. Elective c6 in biology , A1 in elective maths , b3 in chemistry , b3 in physics can I apply for hnd course

  4. Please l had the below grades in WASSCE: Elective mathematics B2 Core mathematics B3 English language B3 Biolog B3 Physics B3 Social studies C4 Integrated science C6 and Chemistry C6. Please do I qualify for civil engineering?

  5. Please can I offer HND in Dispensary tech. With
    Eng D7
    Maths D7
    Social B3
    Elective maths B3
    Geog C6
    Reply me 0557772414

  6. Please I had E8 in mathematics,C6 in English,C6 in science,B3 in social,B2 in government,C5 in economics,C5 in CRS and E8 in geography and am asking if I can get any HDN course to do with this my grade

  7. please I had d7 in mathematics ,c6 English,c6 science , B3 economics , ,B5 in management ,c5 in chemistry ,can I apply for computer science?

  8. I had c4 in geography c6 in English f9 in economics D7 in cor maths D7 in government c6 in social studies can I apply for accountancy

  9. I had french c6, science c6, social studies c6, government c4, economics c4, English language D7 Core maths f9 with this can I offer computer science

  10. I hold Diploma in basic Education. can I be offered general agriculture? can I do it during basic schools vacation? and how many years it will take to complete the course?


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