List of Courses Offered at Withrow University College

The Official List of Courses Offered at Withrow University College | Withrow University College Courses offered for admission. This is the list of available courses/programmes offered at the institution and approved by NAB.

Withrow University College Courses

The following is the list of available undergraduate, certificate and postgraduate courses/programmes offered at Withrow University College Ghana that has gained National Accreditation Board (NAB) accreditation.

Withrow University College Courses

Below is the list of undergraduate courses offered at Withrow University College Ghana

  • BSc in Information Technology
  • BSc in Information Technology (Education (ITE) option)
  • BSc in Information Technology (Business Information Technology (BIT) option)

The Department of Business offers Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business Administration with options:

  • Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Banking and Finance

The Faculty of Public Health and Allied Health Sciences offers the following courses

  • BSc Public Health
  • BSc Nursing

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  1. Please I had c4 to c6 in 5 subjects but E8 in literature and F9 in core mathe and am asking if I could get admission to Withrow college

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