4 Steps to Becoming A Successful Digital Marketer

Have you read so many articles on what it feels like to start a career as a digital marketer but do not know what the first step to take in actualizing your dream is?


Well, there are lots of articles, videos and pictures with detailed instructions on the daily activities of a digital marketer, however, the journey to becoming a digital marketer starts from knowing who they are and carrying out extensive research on what to include in your CV before applying for your next job.


Who Is A Digital Marketer?

Digital marketers are often involved in the promotion of companies products and services through all digital channels, using the internet and mobile technology. They make use of different strategies to attract both existing and new customers to purchase their products.


As a digital marketer, you may be required to make use of multiple strategies depending on your employer’s requests. some of which include;

  • social media marketing
  • search engine optimization
  • pay per click campaigns
  • mobile marketing
  • affiliate marketing

Due to the presence of technology and the internet everywhere, you may not be required to work from the office all the time. some companies only require that you come for meetings either when your attention is needed or for documentation purposes.

How Do I Become A Successful Digital Marketer

The role of a digital marketer in startups or companies looking to introduce new products into the market relies on the marketer understanding the strategy, brand positioning, concept of the product, effective calendar plan and company’s vision while carrying out their duties.

Applying the following steps into your work as an upcoming digital marketer can improve your success and reputation with brands over time.

1) Learn how to Check for a Client’s Online Presence and do the Site Audit

The first step in making effective recommendations to prospective clients would be to use appropriate tools in checking for the companies online presence and carrying out an audit on the site.

For new companies that do not have any website or online presence prior to your meeting, you might have to recommend domain names and possible outlines that might be useful for designing the layout of the website.

2) Keyword Research

Search Engine Optimization can be achieved from extensive keyword research which would lead to an organic increase . Especially when working with new websites, it is important that websites are easy to find on search engines, therefore, keywords should be clear, on topic and be match what the target audience is looking for.

Another important thing is the usage of keywords on the website. We make sure that these areas are not missed; title, 1st paragraph, h1, h2, alt text of picture, text. A useful tool in keyword research is Google keyword planner

3)Master Google Analytics

Checking google analytics is a great tool for spotting an issue or leveraging the content that works. The more you make use of google analytics the more you get to understand certain aspects which might be confusing at the first attempt.

If used properly analytics can answer the following question; How long people stay on the website, where traffic is coming from, How many pages people visit, bounce rate e.t.c

4) Be Creative with Content Creation

Content, when used properly, can be used to sell a product or service effectively. Ideas and strategies for content depend majorly on the type of product or service and the target audience.

It is always advised that content should be engaging and posted regularly with a specific theme surrounding such contents. For example, contents should either be educating, entertaining or answer questions that might be on the mind of readers. Some things you should look out for when creating content for different clients includes;

  • Great title with relevant keywords
  • Internal and external links
  • Easy to read fonts
  • Search engine optimization
  • Unique articles (Not plagiarized)


As you would see, the field of digital marketing is very broad and has many areas that are dependent on each other to be successful. Every aspiring digital marketer should early on identify their strengths and work to improve themselves in their weaknesses.

Also, social media applications can be used in promoting website contents and various products hence, the content calendar used should be planned based on short and long term goals. One can make use of Trello or Hootsuite for planning all content across social media platforms, sending newsletters and articles posting.





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