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Southey Job Recruitment 2017 (15 Positions).

Southey was established in 1939, initially to offer industrial painting and contracting services to the mines and heavy industry. The Group is the country’s largest industrial painting, blast cleaning and contracting services company catering for major industrial, process installations and mining operations. Through a policy of diversification, Southey has developed an industrial group of companies with a manufacturing and service capability to diverse market segments. The company is a market leader in South Africa and has become well established within Africa and the Middle East.

The company is collectively owned by Management. Southey has taken a series of key strategic steps that have progressively moved its operation into a broad but complementary range of activities and businesses. This has led the group into acquiring the capacity of providing a wide range of synergistic services and products, thereby enhancing Southey’s service offerings to its existing and future clients. Southey corporate office adds value by providing strategic direction and services to the group through planning, organic growth and identifying complementary acquisitions.

Job Description

Job Title: 15 Positions

Southey Ghana is looking for qualified personnel for the below positions:
• Developers
• Laggers
• Sheet metal workers
• Labour
Industrial Insulator:

Apply insulating materials and surface claddings to pipes, vessels, tanks, ductwork and associated equipment or other mechanical systems in order to control heat loss or gain, provide personnel protection, frost protection and maintain temperature and or provide noise control and fire protection

Job Tasks

• Measure and cut insulation for covering surfaces, using tape measures, handsaws, knives and scissors
• Remove or seal off old insulation, following safety procedures
• Fit insulation around obstruction and shape insulating materials and protective coverings as required
• Determine the amounts and types of insulation needed and methods of installation, based on factors such as location, surface shape and equipment use
• Install sheet metal around insulated pipes with screws and rivets in order to protect the insulation from weather conditions or physical damage
• Apply, remove and repair insulation on industrial equipment, pipes, ductwork or other mechanical systems such as heat exchangers, tanks, pipework, and vessels, to help noise and maintain temperatures
• Use appropriate insulation, such as mineral wool and sheet metal materials based on the work scope provided
• Read ISO Drawings and specifications to determine job requirements
• Cover, seal or finish insulated surfaces or access holes with covers of metallic sheet metal
• Working with tools and machinery used in the trade

Location: Western Region

How to Apply

Send your detailed CV and proof of qualification to [email protected] Indicate position in the subject of the
email. Only those that meet the required categories will be considered.

Closing Date: 06 October 2017

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