BECE SHS School Placement Shortcode 2023

In this guide, I’ll b showing you the SHS school placement shortcode for 20212 With this shortcode, you can conveniently check your school placement with your phone. Just a dial away you’ll have access to your placement.

According to the authorities of the Ghana Education Service (GES), the result of the placement of BECE candidates into Senior High School (SHS) will be made available WHEN IT IS READY.

The placement process works in two ways viz-a-viz automatic placement system and self-placement system.

The CSSPS placement collects data from all Ghana students who took part in the BECE Exam and aggregates them into a ranked list. The system uses candidates’ aggregate scores from 6 subjects for the selection process. Thus, English Language, Mathematics Social Studies and best two elective subjects.

Candidates who are not placed automatically will have to proceed with the self-placement procedures.

In fact, I strongly recommend you check the working procedures of the CSSPS placement system.

How the 2023 CSSPS Placement Portal Works

IMPORTANTLY, this method might be obsolete with the 2023 school placement, so we recommend you use the CSSPS placement portal.

BECE SHS School Placement Shortcode 2023

You might have been asking, what code do I use to check my school placement 2023? Well, the Ghana Post Company has outdoor a new high school placement and examination results checker code for Junior High School (JHS) leavers.

Just by dialling *447*160#, any student who has successfully completed the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and is awaiting high school placement can get access to his or her allocated school directly before the new academic year opens.

The latest introduction by the Ghana Post forms part of its restructuring and brand visibility agenda in the country.

Interested applicants are entreated to dial *447*160# and follow the prompt procedures on the mobile device. After which payments for services can be done through mobile money.

This is aimed at assisting awaiting potential high school students with their school placement in the comfort of their homes.

How to Check School Placement Online

In order for you to check your CSSPS placement online, follow the steps below;

  • The first step is to ensure you have the placement checker.
  • Ensure that you have access to a computer that has Internet access.
  • Using your computer, visit the CSSPS result checker online portal:
  • Proceed to enter your BECE index number. It should be 10 digits. And also your year of examination. For example, if your index number is 1234567890 and the year of your examination is 2023, this is what you will input: 123456789023.
  • On your checker, you will get a serial number. Enter the serial number found on top the scratch card in the field designated for it.
  • Enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number) that will also be found on the scratch card you had purchased.
  • After you are done, you then click submit. Be patient and wait for the results window to pop up. If you are successful, the CSSPS placement checker print form option will appear. Click on print to print out your form.

If you are not placed into a school, proceed with the self-placement.

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    *WHOLESALE PRICE = 7 Cedis*
    *RETAIL = 8 Cedis*

    Placement can be checked and sent to you via social media {Picture form , pdf. etc}

    Contact: *0541102721* for more information.

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