Senior High Schools Academic Calendar 2022

SHS Academic Calendar 2022 | The Senior High Schools academic calendar for the 2021/2022 academic calendar has been released by the Ghana Education Service (GES).

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has released the timetable for the double track and single track in senior high schools for the 2021/2022 academic year



The first year double-track schools will observe the following calendar:

First Semester

Form 3 – 7th February 2022 to 1st April 2022

Form 2

  • 1st Session – 7th February 2022 to 14th April 2022
  • 2nd Session – 26th June 2022 to 16th July 2022

Form 1

  • 1st Session – 4th April 2022 to 20th June 2022
  • 2nd Session – 4th September to 24th September 2022

Second Semester

Form 3 – 19th April 2022 – Until End of WASSCE

Form 2

  • 1st Session – 17th July 2022 to 26th August 2022
  • 2nd Session – 7th October to 16th December 2022

Form 1

  • 1st Session – 25th September 2022 to 16th December 2022

Double Track Vacation Dates

Form 3 – 2nd April 2022 to 18th April 2022

Form 2

  • 1st Session – 15th April 2022 to 25th June 2022
  • 2nd Session – 2nd semester begins no break

From 1

  • 1st Session – 21st June to 3rd September 2022
  • 2nd Session – 2nd Semester begins no break


It must be noted that not all schools will run double track. In light of this, the single-track schools will observe the following calendar for the years:

First Semester

Form 3 – 7th February to 1st June 2022

Form 2 – 7th February  to 17th May 2022

Form 1 – 4th April to 14th July 2022.

Second Semester

Form 3 – 14th June to Until End of WASSCE

Form 2 – 14th June to 1st November 2022

Form 1 – 16th August to 13th December 2022


Single Track Vacation Dates

First Semester

Form 3 – 1st June to 13th June 2022

Form 2 – 18th May to 13th June 2022

Form 1 – 15th July to 15th August 2022



Management takes the opportunity to advise the first years t study hard and eschew all forms of social vices. Be mindful of the adherence to COVID-19 protocols put in place and do not hesitate to contact school authorities should there be any challenge.

The management wishes you all the best of the season.


  1. Are the form two single-track students suppose to go to school after vacating for the first semester on March 5,and go on 5th April 2021?

  2. I am in from three and l want to know when we will start the Wacce and when we return to school are we going to come back home and will the from one be on double tracking and will it affect the from three

  3. Let them perform their duties as assigned to them my brothers and sisters for all shall come to pass but we gold truckers are really suffering

  4. why are we the form threes writing our WASSCE in September but no the usual MAY/JUNE. September is too far, please do something about it by bringing it back to the usual period.

  5. when i become Prez i will sack all GES managers for no leting we the gold trackers sit in the house 4 1year. How will the charity going to survive why, aba bullshit eso nie.

  6. Please we are begging GES to do something about the green track students especially our second session. It is so painful when I look at the calendar , why should we go to school June 1 and vacate June 30. What do you expect us to do within this short period of have to treat us equally. Go to school July 1 and vacate August 27 , just imagine how can this Help us . Please GES should check the system again

  7. GES are not been fair to we the green track students. In fact, when I look at the number of months the gold track are going to spend in school is far more than the number of months we are to spend in school. Why so? Are we not all students and we are all going to sit for the same exams and you people want to cheat us for the gold track students.we are not happy about that. So please we are appealing to GES to review the calendar for us to all equal contact hours. When I did calculation for the whole academic year the gold track have more days to spend in school than we do.

  8. If it’s really true that gold form 2 student are living for school in March, then it’s really not fair, gold students have really stayed home for a very long time and we are fed up 😕. Please do something about the date.

  9. Why is GES doing that to Gold tracks we have almost stayed home for a year cause Gold tracks vacated and when we were about to resume school then cov-19 came and instead for you guys to let us go first you are sending the green tracks WE ARE SUFFERING GOLD TRACKS WE ARE LACKING BEHIND PLEASE DO SOMETHING ÀBOUT OUR DATE by Evangeline adwoa Asare attend St Louis shs AM AGAINST THE DATE FROM GES

    • Please, I don’t understand something here ooo , the form 1 single track under double track are vacating in 16 June and the form 1 single track are vacating in 16 July . Why ? Are they not all form 1 single track students? They all went to school in March , how come the single track students are spending almost five months in school whiles their colleagues form 1 single track under double track are spending less than such month ? Please do something about the date of the single track form 1 students which is 16 July .I suggest they vacate on the same day and date which is 16 June with the single track students under the double track. Let the students rest small .Five months is not easy .. It’s a punishment to the single track form 1 students.


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