PolyTank(s) Ghana Limited Recruitment 2021

Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified candidates for PolyTank(s) Ghana Limited Recruitment 2021.

PolyTank(s) Ghana Limited is a reputable firm in Ghana.

We are recruiting to fill the following positions below:

Job Title: Sustainability Development Manager


Environmental Sustainable Plastics around the world is growing concern over the threat that plastic packaging waste poses to our communities and marine environments.

We recognize that the scale and reach of our business can enable our organization to make a positive impact in addressing this issue.

Our Vision is to build a world where plastics need never become waste. We aim to achieve that vision by reducing, recycling and reusing, and reinventing our plastic packaging products, and leading change through partnerships.

Job Purpose

Sustainability development managers are responsible for determining how businesses and organizations can operate without jeopardizing future operations.

Key responsibilities

·        Monitoring the organization’s environmental performance against internal and external compliance targets

·        Carrying out environmental audits and assessments

·        Developing, implementing, and driving environmental strategies and policies

·        Communicating with key stakeholders regarding environmental performance

·        Report on environmental audits and make recommendations for future policies and strategy

·        Lead cross-functional teams on strategic projects, diagnosing the strategic problem, developing and communicating recommendations for implementation with an immediate focus on Plastic Industry.

·        Developing recommendations for and working to influence and implement films technologies in the market, tailoring recommendations to meet local infrastructure needs (recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable) and other dynamics (e.g., customers, peers, etc.)

·        Drive efficiencies across the organization, ‘lifting & shifting’ learnings from one sector or market to another, as applicable

·        Develop collaborative programming and drive engagement with external stakeholders (e.g., peers, suppliers, NGOs, etc.) to support and enable implementation of plastics agenda

·        Lead or support the development of global sustainable plastics agenda

·        Carry out research and ecology surveys and use environmental impact assessments to measure the feasibility of issues such as recyclable, compostable & biodegradable

·        Undertake mandatory assessments required by law for the Code for Sustainable in line with our business

·        Collect and analyse data, and produce reports to demonstrate the findings

·        provide advice around how clients can meet regulations laid out in environmental law

·        Considering our business, recommend technologies and explain the most cost-effective and beneficial routes to sustainability. This could involve switching to alternative processes and methods of dealing with the plastic material & waste management

·        Keep up to date with current research and legislation via specialist publications, following relevant social media groups, or by attending conferences

·        Manage projects, which involve identifying potential clients, preparing bid documents, and managing resources and budgets to the deadline.

·        Drive the environmental strategy forward to ensure corporate sustainable development

·        Build awareness of environmental legislation and identify and lead to the prevention of any potential contravention of regulation and consent compliance

·        Keep up-to-date with the latest environmental legislation and international regulation and legislation

·        Implement strategy to ensure compliance is prioritized and championed at all levels within the organization

·        Promote awareness of the impact of environmental decisions across the organization

·        Report the organization’s environmental performance to key stakeholders both within and outside the organization including to regulatory bodies

·        Oversee the organization’s management and policy adherence in relation to pollution control, environmental health, carbon footprinting, biodiversity, responsible procurement, renewable energy, waste management, and recycling

·        Manage service agreements and contractors working with the organization on environmental compliance projects

·        Build relationships with external environmental service providers

·        Represent the organization in public hearings and consultations in relation to environmental matters

·        Prepare environmental permits, licences and waste exemptions when necessary

·        Manage the environmental management system, certification, and adherence to the ISO family of standards

Competencies & Skills

·        Passion for the environment

·        Skilled in driving change and influencing others

·        Good people skills and an ability to build good relationships

·        Proven data analytics skills and an ability to manage information

·        Solid IT skills

·        Strong report writing and presentation skills

·        Adept at thinking creatively and coming up with new ways of thinking to shape strategy and future projects

·        Able to keep up to date with the latest environmental legislation and compliance regulation

·        Ability to balance your commitment to the environment with the need to be corporate and business-minded

·        Confidence to present information to various stakeholders, lead client workshops and represent the company at industry events

·        Ability to manage client expectations around sustainability issues

·        Knowledge of environmental issues, but also technological solutions, and relevant environmental legislation, policy, and guidance

·        Project management skills to manage a budget and cope with practical issues related to the project.

·        Excellent numeracy and literacy skills for analysing and interpreting quantitative and qualitative data, carrying out research, writing reports, and making recommendations.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should CLICK HERE to apply.

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