Career Opportunities for Information Technology Graduates

Many organisations are beginning to create and employ IT-related employees within their organisations, since the beginning of the 20th century we as humans have become more reliant on the internet and all its applications. Because of this demand, there are people who devote time to study how the communication process can be handled or improved for organisations and the general public.

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How does Information Technology Work?

Information technology can sometimes involve monitoring how computers store, process and retrieve data. This discipline requires you to have a knowledge of both hardware and software engineering because some problems might require you manipulating network systems, while some might require just an adjustment at the hardware component. All this is so that you can meet up with the technology requirements of the organisation you work with.


Skills Relevant for Information Technologists 

As one who has a career in an IT-related field, you would need these set of skills to succeed as you advance in your career. These include:

  • Analytical skills
  • Knowledge of network and operating systems
  • Demonstrate an understanding of hardware and software programs
  •  Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Data mining skills
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Know how to navigate easily within software systems

The Requirement to Study Information Technology in Ghana

Candidates who would love to study information technology in Ghanian universities offering this course should:

  •  Pass the entrance examination
  • Have Waec results(with good scores)
  • Have a good grade in english language
  • offered maths, physics, chemistry, or biology at secondary school level

What Kind of Job Can I Get with an Information Technology Degree?

People with degrees in information technology are one of the top earners in the IT-industries, asides being well paid, they are always in high demand by corporations in various sectors some of these include

  • Financial institutions (eg Banks)
  • Mobile network operations
  • Universities
  • Research institutions
  • Government agencies e.g ministries of finance, agriculture e.t.c
  • IT-consulting  firms
  • Individual Business owners

Work Experience as an Information Technologist

Most times due to the technicalities of their job, Information technologists are required to undergo a form of internship program with related industries towards the end of their degree. This always equips them to function better in graduate positions. Also, further graduate studies can lead to you specialising in a particular area of information science which enables employers to view you as an expert in such areas.

Universities in Ghana Where You Can Study Information Technology

To work  in ghana would require that you have a bachelors or masters degree in universities such as:


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