2019 NSS Registration Update For Final Years

NSS Registration Update For Final Years | The National Service Scheme (NSS) Registration Update For Final Years 2019.

This is the latest update with regards to the 2019 National Service Scheme (NSS) registration. The NSS registration Pin Codes will be released in MAY, 2019

The registration will be done online once the Pin Codes has been released. The school is responsible for submitting all your information to the NSS.

The only payment you will make is the registration fee of GHC 40.
The registration fee will be paid in May after the pin codes have been released.

NSS Online Registration Requirements

The online Registration will require you to provide one of the following IDs:

When the Registration starts in MAY, 2019, everyone must provide one of the above *national IDs* before they can do the online Registration.

If you don’t have one of the IDs, try and get one before *MAY, 2019.*

NOTENHIS and others will not be accepted.

And you don’t need the CARD itself. You only need the number on it.
Eg, you need only the *VOTER’S ID NUMBER.*

For more information on how to proceed with online registration, click here.

We will keep you updated on the steps and the dates to look out for.

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