NSS Allows National Service Defaulters Another Opportunity to Enroll onto the Scheme

The National Service Scheme (NSS) has given the opportunity to prospective National Service Personnel who couldn’t enroll onto the scheme in the Previous years to do so.


Ghana National Service Scheme Application Guidelines

The National Service Scheme has given such defaulters up to March 16,2018 to complete their registration.

In a statement issued by the National Secretariat of the Scheme on Tuesday, February 6,2018,the NSS indicated that eligible personnel who wanted to enroll onto the scheme this year should submit their Applications in person to any regional secretariat of the National Service Scheme.


Meanwhile, applicants in the Greater Accra Region are expected to submit their applications to the head office in Accra.

The NSS further indicated that all applications must be accompanied by an introductory or attestation letter,certified true copies of their Academic Certificates of Transcripts from Accredited Tertiary institutions attended,School Identification Cards, and evidence of deferment of National Service from previous years.


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