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The Ministry of Health (MOH) Online Admission Portal is Open for admissions application and checking of admission list and admission status. The Ministry of Health (MOH) Online Application Portal for Admissions can be accessed via


The Authority of the Ministry of Health (MOH) has enabled the admission portal. The MOH Online Admission Application Portal is created for prospective students of the Ministry of Health Nursing Training Institute to effect Admission Applications for prospective students.



You can visit and Access the Ministry of Health (MOH) Admission Portal for checking of admission list and admission application using a computer or mobile via the following link:



Applications are invited from qualified candidates for entry into any of the Health Training Institutions in Ghana
Applicants must:

  1. Purchase application codes from any Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) or Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) branch at a cost of One Hundred Ghana cedis (GH¢100.00). (This includes the cost of verification of results, SMS alerts and all other correspondence).
  2. Upon payment, applicants will receive a voucher giving them a unique PIN.
  3. Have a dedicated phone number and an e-mail address.
  4. Use your PIN code to access the application form on this portal
  5. Note that only Applicants who meet admission requirements will be invited to attend a competitive interview at the school of choice


  1. When can we expect the notification
    For the interview process please let me know
    We need your attention

  2. please am Angela I just filled my forms but did not received any notification and also till now no interview notification please help me up because am worried seriously


    That is the group link.. It works by highlighting it and the options copy, paste and share would appear.
    If it appears not working. Kindly Pm (0548762732) to be added. Tell me your name and I’d add you. I appreciate
    Let’s be prepared.
    The interview would come off. Don’t waste anymore time.
    I. Hope you know 37MillitaryNursing training college have done theirs.. Yes they have..
    Be prepared. Check your portal frequently. Emails frequently and avoid switching of your phones since some schools prefare calling to inform students of their interview time and date.
    Likewise when you receive the notification indicating you have been called for interview, kindly don’t delete the message since some schools also do confirmation first before interview.
    Good luck to us all
    T for thanks

  4. Asante Mampong Nursing training applicants..
    Pm for a chit chat
    My number (0548762732)
    If you want to join the nursing platform you can also pm to be added.
    I am not adding anybody by copying your number and pasting it before i add you to the group. This is a reason as to why you need to read previous messages here before you send your messages. This would be very helpful
    If the group link is not working, pm with my number to get added.
    T for thanks

  5. Please did anyone of you applied for Asante mampong nursing training college or have any update towards the interview date? cos I have not received any text message since I applied,please if any information just Dm me on 0545320573.

    • Ever since I applied I av not received any notification from them I applied there too so pls this my number 0547848096 if you receive any message from them pls inform me


    Please that is the link.. I can’t be adding people to the group just like that. I can’t copy and paste numbers anyhow.. Kindly use the link or better still Pm (0548762732) to be added to the group.
    Second agenda. People please and please again there is no interview list out. Stop clicking on such links. You should rather be checking up on the MOH website for information relating to as to when our interview dates will be released. You’d fret and keep panicking because you are too eager and anxious for information which has not been given. Be checking on your portal for that notification, email or sms box for that notification. Don’t waste your time on unnecessary links
    Third agenda. I have a what’sgroup for all applicationts who applied for kintampo college of health. If you want to join pm using (0548762732).this is strictly for applicants for COHK
    The next thing is if you want to ask for enquiries kindly to straight to the point instead of wanting to know my name and if i work for MOH. I don’t. I am also an applicant. If it’s money related then send it via MOMO.
    Try as much as possible to help other people who also applied and needs help. That will go a long way.
    Till then stay safe. We are all waiting for that information.
    Continue with your interview questions.
    All the best
    MOMO or chat (0548762732)

  7. Good day to everyone.. Our interviews are delaying that usual so i edge we all to still be prepared for any notification which says we should report to our various schools for an interview to be conducted…
    Let’s keep checking our portal and that of the MOH web page for any current information about our interview schedules. All the best. This is my the what’sapp group. If you are interested kindly use the link below.. ???

    Thank you for understanding. I can’t be adding numbers just like that. If you are really serious then you’d join the group via the link.

  8. Please can I get the realiable list of Nursing Training Schools offering Nursing Assistant Preventive, formerly known as Community Nursing in Ghana?

  9. 28th May still no feedback… Mind you application date still not yet over.. After closure then we would be assured as to when we should report for interview. Good luck to myself and any other person..

    T for thanks


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