5 Lucrative Careers You Can Consider Without A Degree

Have you considered quitting your job in recent times, or the recent global events of the coronavirus pandemic coupled with people losing their jobs has caused you to have a rethink about your career choice and future?

Well, I can tell you that there are many people in the same condition as you are right now. It can sometimes be discouraging that you have to return to a university for a minimum of 2 years depending on what type of degree you are looking to obtain as regards your career change.

It might interest you to know that there are lots of options which are also lucrative for consideration asides degrees from the university.


Why Consider A Career In A Field that Requires No Degree?

This is the 21st century where what degree you have doesn’t matter, your skills do the talking, hence you may be required to devote more time to learning and developing your skills before applying for roles.

To become great and successful in this field requires are disciplined enough to devote time each day to learning more about your craft and seeking to improve and develop yourself by asking for guidance from people already in the field you are looking to enter.

A good way to get experience is by volunteering and also participating in internship programs within companies and businesses that are related to your new profession.

5 Lucrative Careers You Can Consider Without A Degree

Here are some professions you can consider switching to without having to worry about the pay as they are also very lucrative when compared to white-collar jobs.

1)Social Media Manager

A lot of companies these days require the service of a social media manager who monitors the engagement of users with their products across all social media platforms. Your skills would be useful in improving the online presence, running campaigns, and generating engaging content to help businesses reach their marketing goals.

If you are also looking to have a great work-life balance, this is a great career to consider, you have the option of working from home on some days of the week depending on the agreement reached with your new employer.

2) Fitness Expert

Many individuals live a sedentary lifestyle due to the work or daily activities they may be involved in. As a result of this, they tend to add weight in places the may consider as not right.

Also, medical experts and nutritionists all around the world are trying to encourage fitness in patients by recommending exercise as an alternative to losing weight. What this means is people more than ever require the service of fitness experts who can apply their knowledge to ease their weight-loss journey while also teaching them to be disciplined while at it.

Work hours between fitness instructors and clients can be flexible depending on arrangements made. There are opportunities to either charge per session when clients come to the gym or per hour if it is for high net worth individuals looking for private fitness trainers.

3) Mixologist

Mixologists are employed in bars and restaurants to cater to the needs of their customers by creating amazing recipes for drinks used in entertaining guests while at their bar or restaurant.

If you like to make different cocktail recipes or try out new drink combinations for fun-seeking individuals at the beach, bar, restaurant and private dining settings then a career as a mixologist is a great start.

While on the job, you also get a chance to improve your communication and people skills which can be used to impress new and prospective clients.

4) Makeup Artists

Makeup artists work across various industries to glam up their clients for different occasions. They could work as members of a team for film and television projects or cater to clients who want to attend events such as naming ceremonies, exhibitions, award ceremonies and weddings.

Makeup artists develop their talents by enrolling for upgrade classes organised by senior colleagues who are more experienced in the industry. As a makeup artist, you have total control of your time because you get to work on weekends and during the weekday for a specific period. Billings are charged per session or hour depending on the client and type of contract one is looking to negotiate with prospective clients.

5) Animation

Animators spend their time working in large studios as fulltime animation and 3-D artists as well as background illustrators, character designers, producers, technical directors and storyboard artists on different projects for a company.

While you do not need a degree to work as an animator, you should be able to use software programs such as Adobe After Effects and  Photoshop. You’ll also need to demonstrate your skills by showing a well designed and organised portfolio tailored to the job you’re aiming for and that showcases the diversity of your work in that field.



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