Lionbridge International School Jobs 2017 – Ghana Jobs

Lionbridge International School Jobs 2017.

Lionbridge (an international company for localization and linguistic expertise) has a part-time job opportunity for native or near-native speakers of Hausa (Ghana).

Job Description

Job Title: Hausa Translator 

You can work from home and you need to understand English instructions, as our company language is English.
Our projects include but are not limited to transcription, accent rating, linguistic annotation and audio recordings. Please see below the details of the current project:

Categorization Project:

Requirement: Native or near-native speakers of Hausa (Ghana) with access to stable Internet.
Estimated start date: As soon as possible.
Task description: to categorize and edit if needed the words provided to you according to the given guidelines. By “categorization” we mean assigning the word to one category, like Foreign, Common, Proper noun etc.
Workload: flexible, preferably 15 hours per week.
Rate: please contact us for the rate.
Location: Flexible, the worker can be located anywhere as long as there are a computer and a stable Internet connection.
The requirements for participation in our project would be native or near-native language skills in Hausa (Ghana) as well as ability to understand
elaborate guidelines in English.

How to Apply

If you are interested or have any questions regarding the project, please contact: [email protected]

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